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What to do when a personal injury causes you to lose your job?

Involved in a car accident and suffered a personal injury? Your injuries could impact you enough to where you lose your job, so now what?

After being injured in a car accident, you are entitled to damages due to the loss of income and special circumstances. Take the time to always talk with an attorney after being injured in a car accident and here is why.

Economic Special Damages

Economic special damages include loss of income, loss of business opportunities, and loss of benefits. These damages are payable while you are injured, and can be received up until you are ready to return to work.

Non-Economic General Damages

Non-economic general damages include future loss of earnings due to the injuries you sustain to cause you not to be able to work or earn a certain amount of money.

Of course, to earn either of these damages, you must have proof and provide evidence that your injury prevented you from returning to work and that your injury was brought on by the car accident.

Evidence Checklist

  • Medical proof of injuries
  • Employer proof you were fired after the accident and
  • Documents declaring how much earned

You also must make the effort to look for proper work when medically cleared. Proof of trying to work is crucial as this will impact the amount of damages awarded.

Talk with an Attorney to Learn your Options

After being involved in an accident and suffering injuries, always talk with an experienced attorney for guidance.

The best personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia are at Edelstein Law, where they specialize in personal injury cases. The skilled personal injury attorney at Edelstein Law will focus on your case while aggressively fighting for you from the beginning of your case to the end, never settling for less than you deserve.

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