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Why should one have these?

Credit card is an important part of one’s income. If there are no cards, there will be no more income coming to a worker. However, you can say that many alternatives may lower the importance of the credit card down, but cannot neglect it. On the other hand, prepaid gift balance is also an alternative for the credit card as you can use it for money transaction or what else.

Money can be the king, but without these cards, it no more than a myth. Moreover, both credit card and prepaid gift balance have their own specs and features that can be proved very convenient and beneficial for you. But, it is very difficult to compete the services and benefits of both.

Which one is better?

A lot of differences lie between credit card and prepaid gift balance in many terms. Their services are so much different. When credit card gives you all the features, prepaid gift balance lacks some of them. When prepaid gift balance gives whole protection, credit card doesn’t allow any sort of the tracking. When credit card gives savings system, prepaid gift balance is not expandable in those terms. When prepaid gift balance can be a good option for those who don’t have a bank account, credit card doesn’t allow out of coverage access. But somewhere, they both are excessively and equally good to have. Credit card is a very convenient thing for the people who runs family or who earns. Whereas, prepaid gift balance is a good option for those who are not often able to get their money transacted by the bank or any institute. They further can have their prepaid gift balance account on their mobile phones. They like it very much to get their things convenient on their mobile phones. You can save your money in the credit card for long term. It also provides you with the saving account so that an additional interest is added per annum with every stored amount. But, using the prepaid gift balance can lower down your credit scores. The reason behind it is that if you use prepaid gift balance directly, your credit card is reported to the agencies for being not used. This may affect your credit card or credit scores.


Credit cards have their own worth and so do prepaid gift balance. The difference lies in the features they provide. According to whole study, you might see that credit cards have many more long term features for an individual as compared to the prepaid gift balance. They give you saving account; they cause a long term reliability also. So no matter how worthy prepaid gift balance is credit cards cannot lose their worth. But one must have the prepaid gift balance if he doesn’t have any bank account or credit cards.

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