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Essential Domestic Services Every Homeowner Might Need

If you are new to home ownership, there’s a lot to learn, as the modern family home is a combination of numerous systems that provide services and remove all waste. Here are a few of the essential domestic services that you might one day need to call in.

  1. Plumber – Any water-related issues would be the plumber’s domain, with drainage also within his capabilities, and always remember to quickly turn off the water supply in the event of a burst water pipe, as this will minimise the water damage. If you have a blocked drain, the plumber is the best person to call, and with his extensive experience, the job will be done in no time.
  2. Roofing Contractor – If, for example, an overhanging branch fell onto your roof during a storm, this could cause serious damage and it is not something to be put off, rather the roof needs to be fixed asap. Ideally, your roof should be inspected once a year, just before winter and any minor repairs can be carried out before too much damage is done.
  3. Asbestos Removal Service – It might surprise you to know that there are still many thousands of Australian properties that were built using asbestos, and if you are planning a home renovation, you should contact asbestos removal services in Perth and they can come and carry out tests to determine the [presence of asbestos. Any building that was built prior to 1990 could contain asbestos, as that is when Australia stopped using asbestos as a construction material.
  4. Local Builder – It is essential to carry out building maintenance and if you ask a local builder to carry out an annual inspection of your property, this will ensure minor issues are dealt with promptly.
  5. The Locksmith – Hopefully, you’ll never need his services, but if you do lock yourself out of your home, the locksmith can gain entry without damaging your home. Also, if you were the victim of a burglary, the locksmith can change all of your locks, which is the recommended thing to do after a break-in.

If you really want to be prepared, source all of the essential services in advance and store all the numbers in your smartphone, then when an issue arises, you have got it covered. Of course, the older the property, the more maintenance is needed and very old properties could well contain asbestos, so do have your old property tested for the presence of this nasty substance.









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