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Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is the busiest room in the house, simply because everyone uses it. It goes without saying that the kitchen is a challenging place to keep clean, especially if you have children. However, you have probably walked into someone’s kitchen, and you were dazzled by the on-point cleanliness in the house. You can also manage to keep your kitchen clean, odor free, and bacteria-free through simple kitchen routines.

Return Cooking Ingredients To Their Place Immediately After Use

You are probably baking a cake, and you will use ingredients such as flour, butter, and sugar. Ensure you return the items to their space before placing your cake in the oven. This way, your counter looks less congested.

Wipe Any Spills On The Counter Immediately It Happens

No matter how hard you try, spilling soup, flour, or water is almost unavoidable. To always keep your counter clean, ensure that you have a bowl with clean water, a clean towel, and high-quality organic house cleaning products. Ensure you wipe kitchen surfaces as soon as you make a mess, or as soon as you are done with your task

Empty Your Sink As Soon As You Are Done With A Meal

Compiling dirty utensils in your sink makes your kitchen untidy, gives room for unpleasant flies, and bad smells. Therefore, ensure you wash your utensils as soon as they are placed in the sink. It will also give you a chance to clean up your sink and wipe away small food that remains in the sink.

Clean Up The Kitchen Before Preparing Any Meal

When you get into your kitchen and find something in a mess, first clean up before cooking. A clean kitchen will inspire you to avoid making it dirty. It will also help other people keep the house clean because they find it clean; cleanliness attracts cleanliness. Also, ensure you vacuum your kitchen instead of seeping because sweeping scatter dirt.

Put Your Waiting Time Into Minor Cleaning

You are waiting for your food to warm up in the microwave, and you note some spilled water on the counter or simply the sugar dish placed on the counter. Make use of the time to clean up some little mess in the kitchen and keep your kitchen in order.

Maximize The Use Of Kitchen Cabinets

It may seem easier to put items on the counter as they may seem easy to reach. However, items all over the counter make it untidy and hard to wipe. Pushing things back and forth as you clean is something that you should try to avoid. Cleaning an empty shelf is effortless, and it gives the kitchen a decent look.

Wash Your Kitchen Clothes

The same way you clean laundry after use is the same way you should wash your kitchen towels. Have two or three sets of trowels to change daily. Dump and untidy kitchen clothes are the breeding places for bacteria resulting in a bad smell.

Wipe Your Stove And Cardboards Occasionally

Cleaning the countersinks and washing utensils is something we do almost three times or more a day. However, cleaning the cooking stove is something that needs attention at least once a day. Wiping your cabinets clean involves removing all items on the shelves and dusting. This can be done once in one or two weeks.

Keeping the kitchen clean is not so hard after all; all you need is to actively do a little at a time. If you have teenagers or older kids, teach them the importance of putting away items after use. They can also help in the cleaning process, making cleaning easier.

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