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Why IPTV is popular among hospitality industry-hotels, resorts, restaurants

Radio, TV, streaming videos and other entertainment gadgets have been widely used in hospitality industry players-hotels, resorts, restaurants. These industries’ players always prefer to invent new ways of entertaining their patrons.

TV has been a very prominent medium of engaging, entertaining and retaining patrons for this industry. This industry has been very particular about TV entertainment for their patrons.

Hospitality industries face very peculiar challenges with TV entertainment. Their properties are located in dense business areas and very remote areas like mountains, sea beaches, deserts etc.

It has always been a great challenge for them to have access to high quality TV entertainment. Traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems could not address the peculiar problems of Hospitality companies. There have been signal outages, satellite to dish connection issues and other similar issues with traditional satellite/dish TV systems.

IPTV provider sare able to providehigh qualityTV viewing to the patrons of the hospitality industry. IPTV uses high speed Internet to transmit TV contents hence it is not disrupted irrespective ofa property is either located in a crowded business district or in a distant remote location. With the help of high speed Internet, IPTV is able to provide high quality TV viewing to viewers in these extreme locations.

Hospitality companies have many hotels, restaurants, resorts etc in many locations across the countries. These properties have many TVs and they use their TVs as per the occupancy of the individual properties on various days. Hotels, restaurants, bars, resorts have been using separate equipments for individual TVs and have been paying monthly subscription fees to traditional satellite/dish/cable TV companies.

With the advent and acceptance of IPTV, the hospitality industry players prefer to have IPTV over traditional satellite/cable/dish TV systems. Since high speed Internet is the backbone of IPTV system, hence the problems earlier prevailing with traditional satellite/dish/cable TV systems like signal outage, no connection etc is almost negated with IPTV systems.

IPTV connection can also be used for other TVs and devices like Laptop, IPAD, Desktop, etc.This allows hospitality industry players to have minimum number of IPTV subscriptions depending upon occupancy of individual properties in various seasons of a year.

IPTV providers offer competitive pricing solutions to hotels, restaurants, resorts etc. They can have high quality TV viewing at their various properties at minimal costs. Hospitality industry is a huge business opportunity for IPTV providersso competitive pricing for huge number of TVs is a win-win situation for IPTV providers and the hospitality industry players.

Unlike traditional satellite/dish/cable TV system, IPTV does not require exclusively dedicated equipments for individual TVs. It turns out to be great advantage for hotels, resorts, restaurants etc. They can save great amount of money on purchasing, maintenance and replacement of these dedicated equipments for individual TVs.

IPTV has become very popular among hotels, resorts and restaurants. It helps them in addressing signal outage and satellite to dish connection issues with their properties located in remote orcrowded business areas.

Hotels, restaurants and resorts operators prefer IPTV as it helps them in providing high quality TV viewing to their customers at very competitive investments and expenses.

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