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What are the benefits of an inside the waistband gun holster?


Inside the waistband holster is also known as IWB. If you are thinking of carrying concealed, the best way to do it is by buying a great holster. A good holster is very important as it will help protect your firearm, hold it in place and secure it against the body. You should choose your holster depending on your wardrobe, your level of contact, and the activities that you are going to do. The size of your firearm also matters. There are two types of concealed holsters. You can choose between IWB or OWB. Although all the options can help you conceal your firearm, you can use IWB to conceal your weapon more efficiently. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider IWB holsters

They offer deeper concealment than the OWB

When you compare the OWB to the IWB 1911 holsters, you will find out that the IWB offers deeper concealment than the OWB holsters. If you are looking for better concealment for your firearm, you better consider IWB. OWB is a type of holster that will slide onto the belt or clip to your waistband. The gun will automatically hang out of the pants. Whenever there is a potential threat or when a criminal notice the gun, it can be very easy for them to reach out to it. This can be very risky both for you and the people who are around you. In a stressful situation, this can further raise tension. That is the reason why you should consider going for IWB.

When you go for an IWB holster, you should not only expect easy access to the firearm but you will also be very sure that the firearm is protected. It also provides you with the opportunity to be aware of your safety. With IWB, you will not only be safe but you will also understand any possible threats around you. To make sure that you are on top of the situation, it will be best if you would make sure that your weapon is concealed.

It can be very possible to wear light clothing

With OWB, it will be very difficult to wear light clothing as that will expose your gun more to people around you and possible threats. People may also discover that you are carrying a gun and that may make you have trouble with the authorities. To avoid all that, you should make sure that you are wearing or considering concealed leather holsters or the IWB. With this type of holster, you will be able to wear any type of clothing that you want and like as the holsters are normally tacked in the waistband. It can be very difficult for anyone to know that you are carrying a weapon not unless you decide to expose yourself. IWB holsters are not bulk accessories as they hug your body and they do not need a lot of adjustment. There is so much that IWB can offer its users.

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