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“Superior” Blackjack Switch Strategy: Professional Advice on Successfully Maximizing Your Odds

Have you ever wondered why some people at the table are playing a different game than everyone else? Maybe they’re just trying to be different, or maybe they have found a more advantageous strategy.

There is an entire world of card counting strategies out there, and many of them can be very complicated. However, one switch blackjack strategy has proven to give players an advantage over the casino in most cases: Superior Blackjack Switch Strategy (SBS).

Superior Blackjack Switch Strategy (SBS)

The SBS strategy is based on comparing all possible hands that can be dealt. Then, the player will identify the best hand and switch seats to play this hand against the dealer instead of playing it with another player at a shared table.

For example, if the two cards are an eight and nine showing from one seat, switching to another seat would yield a better chance of winning (a ten).

This is because, in most casinos, blackjack players must take their turn before any other person’s turn; they also have to do so when holding either an ace or face card (e.g., king) no matter what number total their first two cards make up together. So in our case, you’ll notice that there may be games going simultaneously where playing the ten would not be possible.

Other important strategies needed to play Blackjack Switch are:

  • Always have a strategy for hitting and standing. This can change based on the cards in your hand, but it’s important always to know which one is best at that given moment.
  • Know when to double down and split hands are good times to do so.
  • Know how to surrender and when it’s good to do so.

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