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Also referred to as a hookah den, a hookah cafe or a shisha bar, a hookah lounge is a specific place where people gather in smoking Shisha. It is tobacco that is flavored which can be shared by several people and is smoked through a pipe. Hookah lounges can charge by the tobacco amount, by pipe, or by time.

In Europe and the United States, shisha lounge is most common in urban areas and college towns and are typically considered by some people as a chic and a novel way to socialize. Specific shisha parlors offer modern hookahs with other kinds of improvement over smoking shisha at home. Such enhancements include fruit bowls in the hookah to make you the shisha smoking experience a good experience.

Some individuals in  South Asian or  Middle Eastern consider hookah lounges a continuation of their cultural traditions.  However, nowadays, hookah distances themselves from eastern culture by offering alcohol and hookah without cultural elements. These shisha bars differ from other kinds of bars in the sense that they provide Shisha.

Below are some tips that you can follow to start a hookah lounge as there is more to starting a business than just registering your business with your country’s governing body. This article has put together simple guides on creating your hookah kaufen, and following these steps will certainly ensure that your new business is legally compliant, well planned out, and registered correctly.

STEP 1: Plan your Business

A clear business plan is essential for an entrepreneur to succeed in venturing into a new business. A clear plan will help you discover unknowns and map out th specifics of your business. A few important topics to consider are.

  • What are the costs involved in opening a hookah lounge?: A hookah den typically costs about forty thousand dollars as the initial capital to start. These prices include insurance and licensing, an excellent retail space to fun, and sourcing useable shisha and hookahs. A hookah lounge accommodates a range of ten to thirty hookahs.
  • What are the ongoing expenses for a hookah lounge?: The ongoing expenses include. Utilities, rent, hookah replacement, cleaning, and shisha replacement. Usually, a hookah bar will cost about two thousand dollars to three thousand dollars per month to run it smoothly. A fifty container of Shisha approximately costs as little as ten dollars to purchase. Similar containers can be split across several hookas, which will probably result in a profit of about one hundred dollars.
  • Who is the target market?:.The best target market for you new shisha lounge should be those people who are not rowdy because shisha smoker needs to be at least eighteen years old at minimum, as the hookah-smoking culture can be very chaotic. Hookar lounge owners will definitely lose money if their hookahs are broken since these hookahs are very fragile. For every lost hookah, there is a reduction in the overall number of people who will purchase your services. Ideal customers are the type of quiet customers. Hookah lounges make loads of money from familiars as they usually recommend your shisha lounges to their friends, thus bringing new visitors to your lounges.

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