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How a GED can help students towards a bachelor’s degree

It is the dream of most students to get the most out of their education to allow them to achieve the best possible qualifications so as to progress in a worthwhile career. There are many ways of going about this, with those wanting to work in areas of corporate business administration, finance, marketing, and hospitality having a fantastic opportunity.

Getting in touch with an academic centre that has a base in Bangkok as well as Phuket will allow students the chance to study for a GED, meaning General Education Development, a 6th-grade qualification examination.

Studies will take place in the first two years at the centre, with the materials and courses provided by one of several universities in the UK, to ensure the highest quality. Those without a command of English will be given free lessons during those initial 24 months, allowing for time to concentrate on the 4 subjects that are open for examination which lasts 6 hours a day in the classroom. The curriculum is accredited by many regulatory bodies in the UK, adding further evidence to its high standards.

The beauty of such a course is that it saves both time and money. The final year entails studying at one of the UK universities that acknowledge the program. If the student passes the exams at the end of it, to go alongside their GED, they will be awarded their bachelor’s degree, in just 3 years. Those that want the same qualification must study for 4 years in Thailand. Plus, a year of study in the UK is 3 times cheaper than spending all 3 years there.

The program is taught by an experienced and qualified team that has vast experience at the executive level, as they oversee the course which includes both academic and practical work that is internationally recognised. It allows for great working experiences before heading away to one of the selected universities.

Each of the learning establishments has excellent facilities and resources so that scholars have the best chance of passing their final exam and can head out to start their careers. The location of each university is in an exciting part of the country with lots of amenities and chances to learn while making valuable contacts in new surroundings.

The GED qualification will lead to fantastic opportunities and a bachelor’s degree while saving a year of studying and allowing a year of study at a top-class UK university.

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