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BBQs 2U – The Gozney Dome S1 for Joyous Outdoor Living and Entertaining

As a specialized barbecue retailer, BBQs 2U has extensive product knowledge and expertise in the field.

They can provide you with accurate information about different BBQ brands, including features, performance, and maintenance requirements. They can also offer guidance on selecting the right product for your needs.

BBQs 2U was launched in 2002 by a passionate barbequing family. The family hosts a BBQ demonstration in the store all the time so that you can check their showroom in Abersoch anytime.

Their inventory has big BBQ brands like Napoleon, Masterbuilt, Ooni, Gozney, and more. The family adds a brand after thorough research and use so they can offer their customers the best.

A BBQ like Gozney Dome S1 is a great option for socializing and entertaining. The latest Dome S1 can reach 500 degrees quickly, so you get restaurant-style pizza in 60 seconds.

It means you can keep hot pizzas cooking and move around with friends easily. The Gozney Dome S1 with stand can elevate your outdoor cooking experience in several ways:


Even if you are a beginner, you can experiment with different recipes and cooking techniques with this versatile outdoor cooking appliance.

It will allow you to cook a wide variety of dishes, including pizza, grilled meats, vegetables, and more. Its quick heating capability and precise temperature control make it an ideal choice for outdoor cooking techniques.

Easy to use

The new Dome S1 is designed to be user-friendly. 

  • The adjustable vent allows for keeping the temperature consistent.
  • Built-in thermometer allows you to control interior temperature with precision, just like a professional pizza chef.
  • A single quick-start gas flame enables scorching temperatures to cook a crispy base.
  • The removable stone floor is large enough to accommodate a 16″ to 22″ pizza. Besides, it has a wide mouth, which allows flipping pizzas with ease.
  • Intuitive controls make it easy to run the unit.
  • The stand with wheels also provides a stable and secure platform for the oven, making it easy for you to move and set up in different locations.


The new Dome S1 is made from high-quality materials designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor cooking. 

  • The oven is constructed from durable refractory materials that can withstand high temperatures and repeated use.
  • At the same time, the stand is made from sturdy steel that is powder-coated for added durability.


The new Dome S1 is 10 kg less than the weight of the original Dome. 

  • The unit is lighter and can be easily maneuvered on the stand
  • The stand has wheels that allow you to move it from one location to another easily.

If you often entertain friends or go camping, then the new Dome S1 is an ideal choice. You can take your cooking on the road, whether it is to a friend’s backyard or a camping trip.


The performance of the new Dome S1 is matchless in making pizza, besides its user-friendly capabilities. In terms of looks, the unit is sleek and modern, even if it has an extra wide mouth.

The design complements any outdoor living space and is a focal point of your outdoor cooking arrangement.

Whether you are a seasoned outdoor chef or just starting, the Gozney Dome S1 is an excellent choice for taking your outdoor cooking to the next level. So, visit BBQs 2U in Abersoch or order it online because delivery around the UK is free!