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6 Amazing Graduation Card Ideas for an Unforgettable Announcement

The main difference between a unique graduation card and one that your recipients will forget about in a week is the wow factor. What makes your card stand out from the rest? Which unique tastes and preferences that are particular to you have you included in your announcement?

When creating a graduation card, you should embody it with your personality. Share all the memorable aspects of your academic journey in a way that is entirely unique to you. Not sure where to start? This article highlights six ideas for stunning custom graduation cards.

1.     Personal Interests

Your personal interests often shed some light on what your plans are for the future. They are also a great representation of your current state of mind and could help tell your audience what you like doing with your time. Therefore, consider customizing your grad announcements to include pictures of you engaging in a hobby or passion project.

2.     Multiple Photos

Using multi-photo graduation announcements will not only add some depth to your graduation announcements, but it will also powerfully showcase all your favorite photos. This is an excellent bargain if you want to share all your successes and can’t settle on one picture.

3.     Photo Cards

If you prefer to keep your grad announcement formal, you can include a text-only graduation invitation with limited photo prints on the inside. It is advisable to leave some extra space for personalization on your announcement, including the fun graduation photos.

4.     Party Memoirs

After celebrating your graduation with your inner circle of family and friends, do not forget to send your grad announcements along with the informal pictures of the event.

5.     Graduation Quotes

If you want to add some personality to your grad announcement card, consider including inspirational or humorous quotes that your recipients will appreciate.

6.     Tassel Design

The tassel on a graduation cap is the ultimate symbol of academic success. Consider building your card around a detailed grad cap and tassel center, with the theme revolving around your alma mater’s colors.

When Should You Send Graduation Announcements?

Everyone seems to have a different opinion about this matter, but we can all agree that ‘early’ is the best time to send a graduation announcement. If you are going to invite someone to an event, it is only courteous to give them enough time to plan their gift, travels, outfit, and the like. Since the end of the school year can get out of hand, here is a good rule-of-thumb timeline for sending out your cards:

  • Four Months to the ceremony: Take senior graduate portraits.
  • Three months to the ceremony: Design the layout and neatly arrange your announcements.
  • Two months to ceremony: Assemble all recipient addresses and names.
  • One month to ceremony: Address and assemble the announcements.
  • Three weeks to ceremony: Send your graduation announcement cards.
  • Immediately after the ceremony: Send out thank you cards.


You do not need to be a graphic designer to create a stunning custom graduation card. Mixbook gives you the power to design, decorate, edit, and produce beautiful cards from the comfort of your home. Generally, you start off with a template, tweak it, and add pictures, quotes, and details until you have the perfect announcement card. If this sounds like something you would enjoy doing, visit the Mixbook website today to get started.

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