HAPPY 2015!

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 The Piaget Red Carpet Party on Rodeo

I had a fabulous time at Piaget on Rodeo.  Jessica  Chastain and I chatted about this gorgous necklace.  Leave it to Piaget to be so avante-garde that they come out with a diamond collar with over 100 carets of white flawless diamonds with a suspended Piaget watch, of course.  This necklace sells for $2.4 million.  A steal of a deal.  All you need is a bodyguard and your on your way to the next party.  My columnist friend, Marci Weiner, covered it.  Here we are seated below in the Piaget showroom.  Just a wonderful group of people and a fun party.  Great hors d’oerves and champagne.  And yes, I had to take it off when I left the party.
I felt like Cinderella!  It was so much fun.

Operation Smile Gala at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel

 Operation Smile is a children’s charity that repairs cleft palates on children in third-world countries who can not afford this operation.  Doctors in Beverly Hills and other parts of the United States donate their time to perform these operations for free.  The before and after pictures are remarkable.  It insures that these children can have a normal life and is very inspirational.  Please look it up online and donate.

Eva Méjl 35

I’m wearing a red, silk jersey dress designed by Eva Méjl.

Eva Méjl 1`Eva Méjl 2


Kyle Richards Presents Fashion & Music Make Miracles

Brenda dickson

I attended an absolutely fabulous charity party benefiting children at Kyle Richard’s dress store on Brighton Way in Beverly Hills.  Everything was done beautifully from a DJ to singers and hundreds of people attended.  Kyle sold dresses, jewelry and accessories in her large, beautiful Beverly Hills store.  Many of the items were half off, the proceeds going to children suffering from various serious medical conditions.  What a bash! My favorite vodka (Zing) was flowing.  Gluten free and low calorie; amazing tasting.  Donated by the Maloof family and of course, Beverly Hills housewife, Adrienne Maloof.


Kyle Richards pictured here on the right with her sister, Kathy Hilton, both of them looking gorgeous.

DSC_20821Of course I brought a copy of my “My True Hidden Hollywood Story” for Kyle and let her know if they ever need a single gal on her show, It would fun to be a part of it.

Sasha Farber

Pictured here is Sasha Farber, from “Dancing with the Stars”.



Pictured here with Dr. Estella Sneider of Dot Entertainment who will be interviewing me about by book, “My True Hidden Hollywood Story”.  

Kyle Richards has a big heart and this charity was all so worth it.  The highlight of my evening, giving a 4 year old child with a breathing apparatus one of Kyle’s gorgeous Versace cookies that she had made for the party.

DSC_1886 (1)


The Pat Boone Roast for his 80th Birthday and
the Ryan’s Reach Foundation Charity Dinner



Attended a wonderful charity for brain injured people called Ryan’s Reach.  Basically created by the Boone Family. One of Pat’s family members has a brain injured child. They have done just so much good with it.  Pat’s friend Larry King was there to roast him along with Wink Martindale, Gene Rayburn, friends of mine from CBS.  It was a fabulous evening.  Pat Boone is such an icon.

   I ran into “You Light up my Life”, Debbie Boone on the Red Carpet.  So enjoyed chatting with her.  She introduced me to her daughter, who looks like a model, just beautiful.097


Also ran into a friend of mine who sang happy birthday to Pat Boone.



Edward Lozzi, my press agent, was one of the people putting this wonderful party together.  And of course, I would run into him on the Red Carpet too!


We don’t want to forget the man of the hour, Pat Boone looking
ever-so handsome at age 80!  

I decided to go over to some of the auction items for the charity. There it was right in front of me.  I couldn’t resist sitting on it!  It was Pat Boone’s Harley Davison,  Bomber Jacket and Helmet.


 Suddenly, there was a line of people wanting to sit on the Harley Davidson.  My photographer is probably booking a trip to Europe right now. As we all had our picture taken on Pat Boone’s Harley Davidson, that sold at auction for $25,000.


And then there was his set chair and hundreds of his albums, and of course, the Pat Boone cutout.  OK girls, this guy was super charismatic!  


The British Landed in Hancock Park and
I was There for their Over the Moon
Smashing Film Festival



Pictured here with my Dear Friend Marci Weiner, Celebrity Columnist.

Britweek14_011_0139 Britweek14_011_0138 Britweek14_011_0134

 After the Brit Week Party, I Joined my Press Agent, Edward Lozzi for Another Smashing Party at the Four Seasons Hotel 

 Here I am with a bit of the bubbly sitting next to my casting director friend, Pam Shae who worked for Aaron Spelling for over 20 years.  She loves my book, “My True Hidden Hollywood Story” and thinks it would make a fabulous film.  We were thinking of Helen Mirren to play Jane Cooper and Angelina Jolie to play me
when I was Best Villainess in 1980.
brenda, pamela, Marci


DSC_4753 face book

 Me, Marci and my Press Agent Edward Lozzi (in the tan jacket) at the Four Seasons.  Shirley Jones attended with Marty Engels.  Terri Moore and song writer Carol Connors were in attendance. 

2014 Oscar Party – Night of 100 Stars
at the Beverly Hills Hotel



395 jeff


The Oscar Gift Suites Which Had the Gift Bags for all of the Nominees was a Great Party which I Attended at the Beverly Hills Luxe Hotel.DSC_5951 (5) brenda dick (1)




Happy 2014!

DSC_0110 use this one

 My Dear Friend John Seitz had his Annual New Year’s Eve bash.  It is always so much fun to ring in the New Year at John’s!  John is the Editor of the Beverly Hills Courier.


Above here I am pictured with my Press Agent, Edward Lozzi.
Below pictured with my assistant, Larry Link is Helen Rosen,
to the right is Gail and Roger Dauer.



IMG_2246 (1)


Ringing in the New Year with John at the Helm!





IMG_2267this croped one


Spending Christmas Time with Friends




Christmas Eve at the Beverly Hills Hotel
with my Friends



To my Left, Edward Lozzi, my press agent, Larry Link and Columnist Marci Weiner 

 Chuck Barris’s 88th Birthday Bash

Featured here (backrow) Francine York, Mamie Van Doren, Brenda and Sharon Farrell
(Front Row) George Barris, Marty Engels, Shirley Jones and Edward Lozzi  


Me posing with Chuck’s Custom Auto Shop.















Great Party!

Annual Eagle and Badge Gala Hollywood & Law Enforcement – Honoring SAG’s Ken Howard -Attorney General Kamala Harris- Mary Hart, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck‏

 Below Art Imitates Life . . . While I’m busy playing Cops and Robbers with the LAPD. I was falsely arrested and imprisoned by Judge Choy of Honolulu while he laundered my 10 million dollar estate through the State Court of Hawaii.  This situation has not been resolved yet, as my ex-husband still has my money.  I am going to be doing an updated blog on what’s been going on, as I believe this is connected to the Bell Family.

49933547-498wtmkDSC_3637 (1) face

DSC_3634 (1)

Pictured here with my Press Agent Edward Lozzi on the Red Carpet.

292 (1)

I’m here with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Barnes and Noble Book Signing Bash!

Pictured here with Shirley Jones, as you may know, My True Hidden Hollywood Story has been accepted into the Barnes and Noble Stores.  It should be there in December, or at the very latest, January. 2014.  Shirley has reviewed the book and loved it!

DSC_4510 (10)brenda

Renee Taylor, Husband Joe Bologna and Brenda Dickson DSC_4489brenda

 Renee Taylor, who is in New York right now with her new play, “My Life on a Diet”, has also reviewed my book and loved it!  Pictured here with her husband, Joseph Bologna.  Wonderful night!  Pictured here to my right is Frank Stallone, brother of Sylvester Stallone.  Wonderful interviewer, song writer and performer.

Premiere for a Strange Brand of Happy

 Featured here on film with interviewers Mikayla & Shayna

DSC_1711 (2) (1)Edward Lozzi and I showing off the appearance of
“My True Hidden Hollywood Story on the Red Carpet”.
DSC_1586 DSC_1652FA
Here I am being interviewed by Russian Journalists and I’m pictured here with the Producer of “A Strange Brand of Happy”.


Brenda Visits Frank Stallone at Playboy Radio to Talk about
“My True Hidden Hollywood Story”,
and goes to talk with George Barris about her book!

Pictured here with Frank Stallone at his brand new radio show and studio in the Playboy Building.  Where he does Playboy radio.  I had a wonderful time with Frank.  He is a fabulous interviewer, songwriter, singer, and actor.  Takes after his brother, Sylvester Stallone.

 Here we are talking in his studio doing a radio segment.

I dropped by to see my friend, George Barris, the famous car creator.  He just sold the original Bat-Mobile for $4.5 million at auction!  He really knows what he is doing.  Here I am pictured with the Playboy car, which is actually a Hearse.  I guess it symbolizes going out in style.  Below is another picture of it.  It is absolutely gorgeous in purple glitter.

Here I am in Bo Derek’s car, also a collectors item.
I especially like the “B” monogram.  It fits me to a “T”.

You may recognize this car.  It was the talking car in “Knight Rider” that
David Hasselhoff drove, who was my brother on the “Y&R”.

George absolutely loves “My True Hidden Hollywood Story”. He is a photographer too so he flipped over the book with all the gorgeous pictures. Since it’s a Hollywood story, he couldn’t put it down.  Hollywood is just going crazy over this book, but my fans mean as much to me as anything!
George’s office is lined with photographs of celebrities from the Beatles to Elvis Presley and everyone in between, with cars he designed for the stars.

Loved the Bat-Mobile!!

George just loves his Bat-Mobile.  I think it is his favorite car.
Especially since it sold for $4.5 million!

 Here I am pictured with my press agent Edward Lozzi in the background.

The Bat-Mobile is “VERY” dramatic!


 I had a great afternoon with my dear friends at the Beverly Hills Celebrity Polo Match that was held at Will Rogers State Park.  My Press Agent Edward Lozzi put together the most beautiful Champagne Buffet Luncheon to watch the magnificent Polo Players, and it was all for charity, The Celebrity Foundation for Children”.  The Polo Players looked stunning in their uniforms, especially their boots.
Prime example below:

This is Polo Player #1.  Then there was the Red Carpet.

 Pictured above left is Michael Farah, owner of the Beverly Hills Polo Club with his date.  On the right are my two little actress girlfriends.  The attire was “1920’s Gatsby”, and looked adorable (On the left is Shayna and the right is Mikayla who are interviewing me below on Night of 100 Stars.)

I’m wearing Herve Lager Pink Dress with white pearls and a pink Katharine Goodison Hat. She is a designer from London who makes hats for the Queen.

 Pictured here with my friends, Marci Weiner, celebrity columnist,
Larry, Moi and Edward Lozzi

Edward had lots of champagne flowing as we watch them play.  
The polo field was right in front of us.  It was so exciting!

The horses were so beautiful and they looked even better with the Polo Players on them.  There were even several talented women Polo Players in the tournament.  Nacho Figueras was one of the Polo Stars who is a Ralph Lauren model.
Ah, gorgeous!

2013 Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party and Red Carpet!

It’s Oscar night and thousands of people attend the Oscar Dinner at the Beverly Hill’s Hotel put on by Norby Walters and my Press Agent, Edward Lozzi.The gorgeous gowns are out and about on the Red Carpet.  I’m wearing one of my favorite designer’s – LORIS AZZARO of Paris.  He is such an iconic designer that most of his showroom gowns are worn with gloves.  He passed away but still has his cutting room in Paris with his apprentices who studied under him.
I especially love the cape that goes with the dress – it was so much fun on the Red Carpet.  I’m wearing Fred of Paris diamonds, large 10 carat rounds in my ears and diamonds by the yard which gave a very sophisticated look.

I was excited to do interviews on my new book, “My True Hidden Hollywood Story”, my memoir of sexual harassment,  blacklisting and love affairs with some of the most powerful men in Hollywood. So many interviewers were interested in my love affairs . . . I was shocked!  They wanted to know who was the best lover . . . I said, “You’ll have to read the book”.  This book is so hot, you will have to wear mits to pick it up.  The behind-the-scenes Hollywood story of one producer’s cut-throat methods of ruining an actor’s career are in the book.  It’s wild, it’s provocative, and it’s all about greed.  The story on the set is much more interesting than what went on in front of the camera because it was real. The hard copy will be out soon and it will be on all e-books shortly.  Stay tuned for my pre-sales of my hard copy in the next week or so.

Edward escorted me on the Red Carpet as my press agent looking so dapper.  “I asked him what is it like to put on a party this big?”  He replied, “You just don’t sleep for 48 hours!”

My dear friend Marci Weiner, Edward Lozzi and Moi!  There are so many stars in this room, I could start naming them but it would take the whole page.  It was a fabulous party.  It was wonderful to socialize with all of my friends . . . and drink lots of champagne and watch who wins the awards!

 Pictured here with my friends at our table, Mimi Rogers and Larry Link

 From left to right, Charlene Tilton of “Dallas”, Me, Kate Linder and Erin Murphy of “Bewitched” who played Tabitha

From left to right at our table, Linda Purl, Me and Bruce Davison

Hooray For Hollywood High Honoring Carol Burnett!

This was an incredible production put on by Hollywood High School students who were so talented that they brought tears to my eyes!  Carol Burnett was across the stage from my stage at CBS Television City where I filmed The Young and the Restless..  She was always funny and I loved her performances.  This was truly a star-studded evening.  The Alumni of Beverly Hills High School reads like a Whos-Who in Hollywood.  Charlene Tilton, Sally Kellerman, Leeza Gibbons, Shirley Jones and Marty Ingels, Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna, Dee Wallace, Betty White and Ruta Lee as well as the Honorable Tom LaBonge were just a few of the people who attended this incredible show.  The talent that this high school creates is beyond imagination.  I felt so fortunate to be a part of this.  And if you love the arts, you should donate to Hollywood High for their performing arts programs.  There now is going to be a street named after Carol Burnett.  It was a lovely evening.  The Red Carpet was packed with stars.




I’m  wearing a Turquoise Blue Herve Lager “my Favorite color”  and it’s really in this year!  My belt is a vintage Swarovski crystal.  My shoes are 6″ Blue Louboutin Swarovski crystal heels with a Chanel blue bag.









My press agent, Edward Lozzi always has my back!  That’s him holding the sign with my name on it…sweet!  Lozzi said he would charge me extra for NEON!




Wishing my Fans a Happy New Year!

Wearing winter white and diamonds is always a fabulous choice for a New Year’s party, especially if its John Seitz’s annual New Years Bash!  Absolutely the best party in town.  So I thought I would take you with me…  

I’m wearing a white chiffon Tony Bowls Gala Gown with Swarovski crystals in the bodice of the gown
with a sexy high cut slit .

I arrived at the party with my dear friend, Larry Link.  It always starts around 9pm   I love to stay up all night, which we do.  Larry is looking fabulous in his Calvin Klein ensemble.  He was sporting his special Presidential Ronald Reagan cuff links which were gorgeous.  Light blue enamel with the gold presidential seal.   

The party was packed with live music played by a string and brass quartet with champagne and hors d’oeuvres being served throughout the evening.
It’s always so much fun to see everyone.

I  ran into international financier Ebony from Chicago.  We talked about his favorite country clubs in Chicago and New York.  He looked amazing in his custom made shirt and tuxedo.

Here I am with my socialite friend Gail Dauer.  I absolutely fell in love with
her sequin leggings and jewel belt.

It’s almost New Years.  The party hats and favors are being passed out and we are all thrilled to be here together to ring in the New Year!  It’s a Great Party!

Right after New Years, I ran into our host John Seitz, looking fabulous.  At somewhere around 2 am we decided to go home after another great party at John’s.
You can’t help but notice my glitter peacock blue nails.  

 Wishing my Fans a Happy 2013!

Let the Kids Grow Foundation


I am pictured here with Kyle Massey and Frank Mottek, sports radio talk show host. This is a fabulous organization to help the kids in L.A.

Lots of people like Tyler Perry, Kirstie Alley, Usher, Dwight Howard came to support it. Freda Payne sang “Band of Gold.” It was a lavishly done dinner and band. Simin Hashemizadeh chaired it and is behind it’s success to provide education for children. It’s the holiday season, happy holidays to my fans!

Brenda DicksonBrenda Dickson


Sequins are in, so wear them and have fun!

The photographers on the red carpet liked my outfit so much they took pictures of my accessories, I thought I would share it with you! My shoes are Stuart Weisman. My necklace made especially for me by my gal pal Caldwell Sutherland  and an alligator black bag. Have have a wonderful holiday!

Brenda Dickson




Garden Party for the Motion Picture Home


I attended a Garden Party for the Motion Picture Home to raise money so it can stay open. This is a retirement and health facility for older actors who cannot make it on their own. It’s fabulous. Renee Taylor and Joe Bologna put on an auction at their Beverly Hills Estate and raised a lot of money. Edward Lozzi, my Press Agent, handled it. So many actors and Beverly Hills society appeared. It worked! The Home has been kept open. I’m wearing “Sky”. My purse is “Mary Frances”, and my hat is “Grevi”. It was a wonderful summer day.


Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival

My press agent Edward Lozzi did it again. What a fabulous press event. If you have a chance to see “Driven to Stardom,” go see it! It’s the life story of legend Tony Curtis. He actually narrates most of the film. It’s divine, starting with his humble beginnings as Bernie Schwartz, until his death. What a heart throb. One of the best looking men on Earth. He tells a story of one of his first love affairs, with Marilyn Monroe, how she would wear a see-through blouse to the Paramount lot. The writers would hang out the windows of their offices and applaud her. He had a huge body of work. Just to name a few, “Some Like it Hot” and “Trapeze,” and even her darker film “The Boston Strangler” was interesting. It was completely fascinating, from beginning to end. The producer Hillary Helstein attended. Great film.  This star studded event included Mamie van Doren (who appeared in the film with the young Tony), John Voight, Sally Kellerman (also in the film with Tony), Jack Klugman, Marty Ingels  Ed Lauther, Jean Dujard (star of the recent Best Picture winning silent film “The Artist”), and so many more. (Pictures by Jeff Knight)

I am wearing a blue taffeta dress encrusted with Swarovsky crystals, Musani gold couture,
silver metallic shoes, and a crystal studded handbag. See you at the movies!

I am pictured here with producer Hillary Helstein and my press agent Edward Lozzi.

“Moon Over Israel”

More Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival

Me and the guys at the silent film “Moon over Israel.” From left to right I am pictured with Ken Davitian, one of the stars of the Academy Award winning “The Artist,” also a silent film; my press agent and head of the press for the Jewish Film festival Edward Lozzie; and Ed Lauter, another one of the stars of “The Artist.” Lots of stars, a really interesting film. Millions of dollars were put into this film years ago. It’s a cast of five thousand. If you’re in the industry this film is very important, as one of the first silent films. There’s a shot of Moses parting the waters of the Red Sea; I was in awe that they could pull this shot off way back then, without computers, but they did! There is a pianist who plays live throughout the whole film. It was a delightful experience.

Brenda Attends a Jewelry Party

I attended a great party at John Seitz’s, editor of the Beverly Hills Courier. It was a jewelry party. Here I am trying on some of the goods. Caldwell Sutherland is John’s ex wife and the designer. I had a ball. I am wearing a Gorgio Armani see-through black blouse, french riding pants, and riding boots.












Oscar Night

Brenda attends the Oscar party
at the Beverly Hills Hotel

I did so many interviews, I have never seen such a long red carpet line in my life. My press agent Edward Lozzie put this together with Norby Walters, the head of Night of 100 Stars. The room was packed with stars. It took me over an hour to get through the 2 press lines. I gave all kinds of interviews on camera. The darker picture is me waiting in the press room. I wanted Meryl Streep to win, and she did! I attended Mr. Weinstein’s party at the Sky Bar in Hollywood ..Meryl Streep arrived, looking beautiful, carrying her Oscar. It was a night to remember.

I am wearing Herve Leger, a beautiful flesh colored gown, and Stuart Weisman shoes from his glamour collection.


Both Richard Dreyfuss and I enjoyed the time we spent at the Night of 100 Stars; it was such an interesting mix of stars, everyone from Connie Stevens to Gary Busey. I ran into alot of CBS people, even Wink Martindale who is in the process of doing another game show. Hundreds of stars and press attended.

Harvey Weinsteins Post-Oscar Party at the Sky Bar in Hollywood

Domingo Zapata’s Oscar Art Show





I attended a star studded event, artist Domingo Zapata’s Oscar Art Show at Mr. C’s Hotel in Beverly Hills. His art was blown up on the walls of the hotel. Lots of champagne flowing. Just a great experience. Among his admirers who appeared were Lindsey Lohan, who appeared looking adorable in a long blond bang look. Mr. Domingo just sold his painting of Lindsey Lohan for $100,000, so she is definitely one of his subjects. Also Tara Reid, Mischa Barton, Lady Victoria Hevey, Linda Thompson and most of the Beverly Hills housewives. Pretty impressive following. His art is stunningly modern, with bright bold messages and a contempory unusual flair. I am wearing a Herve Leger red dress, and a Chanel chain purse and Gucci  strappy shoes.


Big Brothers Big Sisters Gala


I had a fabulous time at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Gala. Lots of support from the stars for this worthy event. This is a charity for children who have no parents. They are mentored by a Big Brother or Big Sister. The success of this is amazing. One of the children on stage had been with her Big Sister since childhood, and now is entering college, which is incredible. Jennifer Grey, Ricki Lake, Derek Hough, Pam Dawber and Sarah Purcell were some of the stars co-chairing this event. I am wearing an Italian designer, Tardoni Couture. The hem line is interesting, it has bows with crystal in the middle of each bow. Yellow is such an upbeat color. Color is in this year! I am wearing Stuart Wiseman shoes. My jewelry is Kate Spade. It’s always nice to appear at an event that is for such a worthy cause.



I had a wonderful New Year’s and I just happened to be wearing my red Swarovsky crystal shoes. So after New Years and being kissed twice, I sat down and closed my eyes and clicked my heels together 3 times saying “there is no place like home” after each click. I opened my eyes and I was still at John’s party of course! Alright, I don’t have the red shoes…but I know someone who owns them. I guess my home is in L.A. now. I had a great night. For auld lang syne.


Well this was definitely an elegant party as always. John’s New Year’s Eve parties are becoming legendary.  John is the editor of the Beverly Hills Courier, only the most fabulous newspaper in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. He comes from Hollywood royalty. His father is without a doubt, my favorite cinematographer, because he is absolutely brilliant.  He has the academy award to prove it for the best cinematography for the film “Sunset Boulevard”.   Who could forget Gloria Swanson coming down the long stairway, and saying “I’m ready for my closeup Mr DeMille” or the Rolls Royce shot of her entering the studio.  John really knows how to throw a elegant party.  Not only are the guests facinating people, he had a quartet to dance to, fabulous food, and even brings an opera singer from Sweden to entertain us. The man has class.










From right to left, first is Reggie Sully, a fabulous contractor. Next is Stephanie Hibler, whom I’ve known since the 80’s when I was married and living on Rockingham in Brentwood.  Stephanie cochaired the Thalians Ball with Ruta Lee and Debbie Reynolds for many years.  With the glasses is the most facinating person I had the pleasure of talking to, Hollywood mogul Jerry Zeitman.  He told me the most wonderful stories of how he discovered Shirley MacLain as an understudy of a lead in a play when the lead got sick.  Then of course Jerry represented Shirley’s brother Warren Beatty as well. He told me the story of a young actor he represented, Ron Howard, who wanted to direct.  He got him his first directing job.  Jerry has produced more television series on the air that you could possible make a list of.  Next is Larry link, who is always there for me, even if its 4am in the morning doing a layout for my jewelry collection.  He is my very gifted los angeles based web master.  He is also a dear friend and when I’m sick he brings me chicken soup.  He also does most of the websites of the guests at the party.  And yes, we do fight over him. Next is Jessica Lopez who sells real estate on the westside and also owns a lingerie company that provides me with my lingerie.






I decided to take a picture of the room.  You can see it is just packed with people and the string quartet that was so romantic.






Here I am pictured with some of the group I just told you about.









What a fun party, I’m glad you could join me. I am wearing Azzaro of Paris, my favorite designer of all time. This is a satin tight wasted dress with a draw string waste, and hand covered buttons, with flared sleeves and bodes. The sewing design is hand stitched. The fabric had a lovely sheen, I wore my Christen Louboutin red Swarovski shoes, and a hand stitched red Miu Miu handbag. Happy 2012!







Project Angel Food Divine Design


What could be better than attending a gala whose charity gives food to needy families around Christmas time. Among the people who attended were Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Basket, Jennifer Love Hewitt, George Kotsiopolus, Katy Linder, and Pauly Perrette. Hundreds of celebrities and families showed up for this lovely dinner and show at the Hilton Beverly Hills, California. I am wearing a Chanel suit, faux fur trimmed sleeves and collar, black alligator bag ,and black boots by Alice and Olivia.


International ball room dancing event









I thought I would add  a little glamour to my site. This is the international ball room dancing event, a dinner and show. Dancers from all over the would danced. It was wonderful.

I am wearing a St. John gown, satin silk schmooze with matching cape, an antique crystal purse, and diamond choker.




Do Blondes have more fun? Well.. sometimes. I went to a wonderful event. My friend September Serrano invited me to an auction, “Share.” The subject of the auction.. MEN! It was wild, it was woolly, screaming bidders, the back and forth banter of women with a touch of bubbly in them.. all for charity. Needless to say we had a blast, girls night out.  Some of the most eligible and beautiful women in Beverly Hills. The bachelors, top of the list of Beverly Hills bachelors, doctors, lawyers, business entreprenours. Great looking men and ladies, with personalities to match.

Here I am pictured with my best friend in the orange, columnist Marci Weiner, and my Sex in the City gal pal casting director Pam Shay, who worked with Erin Spelling for over a decade. I am wearing a silk purple faux fur coat by Musani gold couture, with a Marc Bower purple and black silk dress. My jewelry is Shales baroque pearls especially designed for me. Marci is wearing a coral necklace set, with Christian Dior accessories and dress, and Pam is wearing Gucci’s little black dress with vantage costume jewelry. Marci is covering the event.

September and me discussing which bachelor I should choose. She wore black satin hot pants, gorgeous M.C. outfit.
September planned this event. Not only is she a brilliant stockbroker, and makes lots of money for my bachelor, but
she knows how to make money for charity. “Share” is lucky to have her. The party is a success.








My up and coming date, Rob Glass, a gifted builder of luxury homes. Lots of fun with a great sense of humor, and
a gentleman. Apparently we are going to a French restaurant, hmm sounds romantic… we will see. It’s all in the interest of charity.











Every once and a while I attend an event and I go “wow, this is magnificent.” This was one of those events. I don’t know how many of you have seen the film “The Red Violin.” It’s a story about a 300 year old violin, made by Stradivarius, named the “red mendelssohn violin.” It  was auctioned off for 1.6 million. The owner is violinist Elizabeth Pitman. What a performance. Paula Kent, the creator of Rekin hair products, was gracious enough to lend her beautiful Japanese estate. The event was for a UCLA charity. The co-hosts of the event were Candy Spelling, Barbra Davis, and Andre Agassi. The setting was a Japanese house on a lake in the back yard of Paula’s beautiful Bel Aire estate, with a stage in the back yard. Gorgeous. The house was formerly owned by Elvis Presley. I am wearing golden south sea pearls and a sailor suit designed by Mussani Couture. He is my new favorite Italian desinger. He fits me perfectly. I am pictured here with gal pal Marci Weiner, columnist extraordinaire.


Looking just a bit Old Hollywood, I walked the red carpet of the screening of “Green Hornet”, the new Sony/Columbia Pictures release with Cameron Diaz. I had a blast. Edward Lozzie did the press. Edward is on the short list for White House press secretary.






I am wearing a Giorgio Armani pinstripe suit, a grey large brimmed felt hat, with a crystal band, by Phillip Tracy London, and drop Art Deco earrings. A really great crowd and a great movie. Well done and lots of fun.






Happy New Year to all my friends and fans!







I am wishing all of you a happy 2011 and the best year ever.







My friend and L.A. webmaster Larry link took me to a New Year’s party. I thought I would share it with you.






It wasn’t a red carpet event, but a lot of old Hollywood was there. The host of the party was John Seitz, the famous entrepreneur and part owner of the Beverly Hills Courier. His father was the cinematographer for “Sunset Boulevard”. What a fabulous job John did with the party!





This is John’s stepson and me enjoying the string quartet at the party.














Smile For Every Child Gala








I attended a fundraiser for “A Smile for every Child”, a wonderful charity for homeless children. They fix teeth and cleft palates for homeless children. You can find them on the Internet if you would like to donate. Sharon Stone spoke and was the guest chair. William Macy and Larry King also lended their faces to this charity. It was a wonderful fundraiser for a good cause. I am wearing a St. John knit dress with Swarovsky crystals and a Chanel purse.

While editing “Welcome To My Home” I realized just how much I strayed from my diet through this horrible divorce fraud scenario I’m going through. So I got busy on the Brenda Dickson “Welcome To My Home” diet and exercise regimen…. It works! I dropped the weight.



Pictured with Edward Lozzi, press agent to the stars, press in high profile legal cases, and press aide to a former president of the U.S.


This stunning gown is by my favorite Parisian designer, Azzaro.
I attended the daytime Emmy awards, it was great fun. I ran into all my friends. Sat next to Don Dimount (he is looking gorgeous), Katey Linder, Beth Maitland, and Jean Cooper. It was good to see them. Susan Lucci; just so many great friends and aquaintances. It was a wonderful show. I sat by Buzz Aldrin, our second man on the moon. Vennessa Williams hosted. I am wearing “Azzaro”, my favorite Parisian designer. He passed away, but his cutting room is still located on the St. Honore, Paris. He dressed the sexiest European stars in his day, all the way up to the end of his long life. Sofia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, as well as much of high Parisian society. Ann Hathaway and other contemporary stars have found him and fell in love with his sexy classic lines.



It was 110 degrees. I waited 2 hours before going inside. It was so hot I thought I would pass out, and one photographer did. Inside, this picture was taken in a cool beautiful theatre.






Social-lights 90210, after party. Pictured here with my photographer Harry Langdon, who did my “Welcome To My Home” cover and posters. He is the best.


I appeared at the Social-Lights reality video after-party. To my left are Sabrina Parisi (blond) and Donna Spangler, the ladies in the video, at the party at Richard Benveniste’s house in Beverly Hills. We formed a conga line. A great fun evening. I am wearing faux fur and Chanel. Photo by Sarah Hardt.


I appeared at Friendly House, a charity fashion show. David Meister put on a beautiful ramp show. Champagne was flowing. Melissa Rivers spoke.

I’m wearing Giorgio Armani,
hat by Peter Betty of London.

I appeared at an art opening
with my friend Kate Linder.

I appeared at the red carpet premiere of “The House that Jack Built”, a film with Joe Montana, July 14. For that put-together red carpet look, and sleek figure try my “Welcome To My Home” video, it tells all my beauty and fashion secrets.

Brenda Dickson paparazzi photos,
Academy Awards “Night of 100 Stars”.
I’m dressed in a Marc Bouwer sequined gown,
with a vintage red alligator purse, and coral necklace.





I appeared at the screening of “Polanski Unauthorized”. Pictured
here with Damian Chapa, the producer, writer and star of the film.
In my favorite Parisian designer, AZZARO.

The Thalian 51st Anniversary Ball Honoring
Marc Cherry, Connie Stevens,
Joely Fisher and Tricia Fisher.

 Ace Young, “American Idol Star” was my dinner companion at the Thalians Ball. Ace Wowed the Audience with a song he wrote “Scatter.”


The remarkable Marc Chery honored, Creator and Producer of Desperate Housewives. Please write Marc at ABC for a possible part. We talked about me.

My friends from Young and Restless, Katie Lender, Tom Beridz, who was honored, his art painting donated raised $6,000.00, and Roberta Leighton.

Marci Weiner had a birthday bash at Colors restaurant. It was a huge success and great fun. In the picture: me, Bob Cohen (owner of the 4 Seasons), and Marci Weiner, the famous columnist in Beverly Hills.

The delightful Mr. Blackwell,
the epitome of good taste.

Johny Grant’s Birthday Bash, Red Carpet Appearance. Brenda traveled with Johnie Grant, Mayor of Hollywood to the War to entertain the troops.

At a Premiere.
Director Guild Red Carpet Heaven.


With boxer Oscar de la Hoya


Antonio Banderas showed up to support his fighter pal.

I was out and about in Hollywood and
I ran into the gorgeous Fabio.

Here I am at a Christmas luncheon for Cedars-Sinai hospital. This Christmas tree was decorated by our hostess Gail Dower.