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Beautiful 6×9 hardcover edition
368 pages, over 50 color photos and 20 B&W
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“My True Hidden Hollywood Story”

My Tell All Book

Order your copy of this beautiful book now and get my personal behind-the-scenes account of my life in Hollywood. This lovely first edition comes in a hardcover book printed on acid-free fine-quality paper which will never yellow. Over 360 pages with 70 high-resolution top Hollywood photographs, 50 of them in brilliant color spanning my eventful life and career. You’ll find out what happened behind the scenes of The Young and the Restless. And all of your favorite Y&R actors, as this is my accounting as to what really happened. It’s such a lusty, interesting story that everyone who reads it says it is destined to become a movie. The characters are all vibrant and bigger than life. The book includes pictures of me with Bob Hope, Ann-Margret, Bob Crane, Francis Fisher, Jim Neighbors, Jane Kennedy, Gordon Jump and many other of my friends. Throughout the book I describe in explicit detail my personal relationships with Barry Goldwater, Jr., Mike Nader, Richard Thomas, Ernest Thompson and my two ex-husbands. Discover the days of my triumphs, and the sorrows of my struggles in what I know my fans will find to be a riveting story. I delve into my two marriages and the subsequent multi-million dollar tampered divorces. It’s sexy, funny, and heartbreaking at times, but always interesting. I think my fans will be shocked at what really went on with my career. You won’t be able to put the book down.

Pre-order the first edition today and be one of the first to own this fine hardcover edition. The book’s international release is April 25th, 2013.  The E-Book release is April 1, 2013 and will be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble Nook and all e-books.

My True Hidden Hollywood Story

by Brenda Dickson

This book takes you through my life in Hollywood from the age of 17. How I was first discovered as Miss California. It covers my home life, with my parents as a young girl as well as my love affairs with some of the most powerful men in Hollywood. This story is funny, sexy, hot and full of drama. This book is a movie. No one could have dreamed up the bigger than life characters and story.  But it is real!  It tells you what happened to Brenda Dickson’s “Jill Abbott”.  There is a romantic interest in almost every chapter. These are men you all know and love … they are famous, powerful and sexy. There are pictures of the people I worked with prior to “The Young and Restless” and until now. The book has fabulous and stunning Hollywood color photographs taken by top photographers throughout my career, including my bestselling posters and glamorous, over the top, head and fashion shots, and the gowns I wore and parties I attended in Europe. It also covers my multi-million dollar lifestyle with my two husbands.

Me with the teddy bear at age 19, starring the play,”Send me no Flowers” with Francis Fisher(Titanic.) and star of Hogan’s Heroes, Bob Crane.

It describes in detail the “Blacklisting” in Hollywood by Producer, William J. Bell, (the breach of contract and illegal firing), and the $11 million dollar fixed trial.  (How all my trials where fixed)  It tells how the “Mafia” cartel judges and attorneys were enlisted to launder $15.5 million, my one-half of my two divorce settlements, and how they ruined my multi-million career and left me homeless, TWICE! Why they kept me out of Hollywood because I brought in more ratings than the entire show!

Some of the story is about the behind the scenes games the producers created on the set of “The Young and the Restless”.  The set was subjected to Bill Bell keeping an actress who came to work drunk, had blackouts and burst into manic fits of rage.  This actor needed professional help.  Bill Bell’s storylines about an alcoholic, who was struggling with an addiction, were derived from her real life!  So real!!!  The problem was… it wasn’t acting and it wasn’t good writing and, as a result, the ratings dropped lower and lower.

Me at age 17, as miss california. I met congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. and fell in love.

It is a shocking story of power, greed and the tactics used to get ownership of the show and how all the actors dealt with it.  How harassment tactics were used to drive talented actors out of their roles to make room for “Nepotism City”.  It addresses the sexual harassment and the cunning way Bill Bell got hold of me at a young age.

My internet film, “Welcome to My Home”, which I directed, wrote and produced after I left the show, was taken off the internet in an illegal copyright claim by Sony Pictures (the Bells) in 2009.  In a short period of time it garnered 3 million viewers, and had they not taken it down it would have had more viewers than the entire show and was subsequently taken down illegally!!!  And they knew it!  The Bell Family thought they owned me!  News Flash!  This wasn’t Nazi Germany, or was it?

My Lovers, relationships with Mike Nader, (Dex Dexter on Dynasty and Dimitri Marrick on All My Children). Richard Thomas (while filming The Walton’s).  Ernest Thompson, we dated when he wrote the Academy Award winning picture On Golden Pond; The famous upscale clothing retailer, Fredy Segal, now a publicly traded company.  Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., my first real love.  It describes my two ex-husbands, who were directly connected to Bill Bell and how they kept me out of Hollywood.

For those of you who watch “The Young and the Restless”, you will discover what really went on behind the scenes.  It’s all in this book, including the on the set love affairs.

The Bill Bell Hype Train is about to crash and the truth is about to come out! Fasten your seatbelts, as you ride with me on the “Bell Family Roller Coaster”.