(Continued from blog post: “Mayhem Continues In The State Court Of Hawaii. No FBI Or U.S. Attorney In Sight Ever! All Connected To Hollywood.”)

“High Treason” and Mayhem in My Case

Can you imagine selling off multimillion-dollar properties, in a divorce, without looking at the financial books or legal records in the United States?  They did it in Honolulu!  They deliberately violated all family law and the Constitution.  The judges should spend some prison time, or better yet, pay my damages out of their bank accounts.  Judge Choy came out of a forced plea-bargained retirement to commit money laundering, false arrest, and false imprisonment in my case.  Judge Choy illegally jailed me in 2006.  What happened to him for the false arrest and false imprisonment?  Absolutely nothing!  Judge Choy was forced to retire at age 56, for allegedly trying to give $1 million of the IRS’s money to his attorney friends.  It is said there was a plea bargain with the IRS.  He was ordered to retire.  So he comes out of his forced retirement for my case?  Lucky me!!!

While Judge Choy illegally jailed me, he crossed state lines and sold my home out from under me in California.  He has no jurisdiction in California.  None.  He knew it.  He ignored all law in both Family Law Courts but, more importantly, he ignored the Constitution, there was “No Due Process.”  No books or records were looked at while he did this action.  (The books and records have never been looked at as my ex-husband left town for the 2011 Trial.  More fraud.)  Judge Choy ignored Hawaii and California laws.  For a judge to deliberately ignore the Constitution of America is “High Treason.”  But this group has been sitting on the bench since 2006!

In 2010, during my Appellate Court “Remand” Trial, we found out that while I was in Court in 2006, my ex-husband pocketed $6.5 million income, as we got the Income Tax Returns in 2010.  All this was hidden from me during the 2006 Trial (again, hidden in the 2011 Trial).  I got none of our money so, in Judge Choy’s divorce decree (in 2006), he gave me none of the business, even though in 2006, my ex-husband testifies on the witness stand, to millions that had come in.  I got ZIP from our multimillion-dollar business!!!  All Judge Choy gave me was $500,000.  It was my one-half of the real property I refurbished.  He gave me none of our annuities, bank accounts, IRAs, the money I came into the marriage with, or my one-half of the hidden $6.5 million income my ex-husband testified he had!  I got none of the real property money, as Judge Choy fined me more than $500,000 for following a California Judge’s Orders, who had jurisdiction over the sale!!!

In 2011, at the “Remand” Trial, Judge Murakami follows Judge Choy’s actions.  He gave me $300,000 (some money?!) for our $6.5 million income, stating this is what the business was worth when I married Jan.  Well, the law is I am entitled to half of what we created during our marriage.  The business was worth zip when I married Jan, as he had more than $600,000 in debt.  I was the one who brought in the ratings.  Oh . . . did I say “ratings”?  Oh, I meant the business I created with Jan.  At this point, the games have become crystal clear.  The stakes are high.  I am getting ahead of myself . . .  But Judge Murakami purposefully didn’t give me my one-half of our income for the 2011, Remand Trial.  So, the judgment made was ridiculously low.

In 2011, that $6.5 million would be ignored again!!!  Our real property never needed to be sold at all, in 2006…  By law, the State cannot take any property without “Due Process.”  This is the Constitution of the United States of America, which is something the State Court of Hawaii routinely ignores.  They cannot take your liberty, your life, or your property without “Due Process.”  That is the backbone of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Judge Radius, the other judge on my case in 2006, retired when my “Remand for a New Trial” came out (in 2009).  She retired four years before her tenure was up (that is what they do when they commit fraud . . .  retire).  She was heavily involved in ignoring the Constitution of the United States of America, selling off multi-million dollar properties with “No Due Process” in my case.  You do understand that I got no money from those illegal sales in 2006.

My first day in Court Judge Radius, orders my multimillion-dollarHawaiiestate sold without looking at a financial book or record (I had spent years of my life refurbishing a famous architect’s historical home.  It was situated on what used to be Queen Emma’s land, a beautiful estate.  See “Welcome to My Press Conference” on www.brendadickson.com).  The property was undersold by about $1 million (the buyer paid cash, so there would be no appraisal), and it wasn’t sold to the highest bidder (more fraud).  Another couple offered more money, but they took the cash offer.  There were no appraisals (other than my $2.2 million ignored appraisal), which is also another ignored law.  Judge Radius orders me out of my home the first day in court.  What is this?  Nazi Germany!!!  Yes, it is Nazi Germany and, even maybe worse, because it is happening in the United States of America.  They had me taken out of my home by the police!  The house was in my name.  This kind of fraud was done to me twice, in both of my divorces.  There is more to this story in Hawaii than meets the eye.

So far Judge Radius has gotten away with totally unconstitutional actions illegal property sales, money laundering, taking a woman out of her home, with “No Due Process.”  My ex-husband kept all $6.5 million income in 2006, plus he kept over a million in cash from illegal real property sales (that were way undersold!), as well as annuities, bank accounts, silver, art, china, and furniture (which he still has).  I could have easily been able to keep my home and condo in Los Angeles with that income.  My ex-husband’s new attorney in 2006, Chuck Kleintop, asked for the real property to be sold our first day in Court in 2006.  Whatever he wanted, he got.  No matter how illegal or unconstitutional it was! Judge Radius was game to go along with him.

I objected to Judge Radius’ sale of my multimillion-dollar estate until my Marital Settlement Agreement was enforced, where I got the California condo, and my ex-husband got theHawaii estate.  That’s right!  I had a signed negotiated Marital Settlement Agreement (just exactly like my first divorce, which happened at the time I was instituting the $11 million lawsuit against Bill Bell).

In 2006, Attorney Chuck Kleintop would challenge the contract and get his judge Radius to take it from me, stating I forged my ex-husband’s signature?!!  Of course, the handwriting expert refused to lie and point blank said it was Jan’s signature not mine. They hired a handwriting expert Jim Josey; of the Honolulu police department to be their witness…he turned down the case, stating it was Jan’s signature.  That didn’t work. No expert would back up Kleintop’s lie.  So, Judge Radius’ orders to take away my signed negotiated Contract saying “I Abandoned It.”  What is that?!  I would have to set aside a $2.4 million Marital Settlement Agreement!  Her excuse for his highly illegal order was I had gone into mediation.  Well, Jan had transferred well over one million dollars to his friends while I was in the Contract.  I needed to know if it was fair.

The State Law is: If you go into mediation and no deal is struck (which it wasn’t), everything you had before the mediation remains intact.  This is also in the Mediator’s Contract, which states the same thing.  A State Law was broken by Radius to steal my Contract, so fees could flow like champagne on tap, and they did.  This action was also done with my Marital Settlement Agreement, and my property in my first divorce.  It was a perfectly good Marital Settlement Agreement.  Judge Radius and my attorney ignored my objections to this totally illegal unconstitutional sale of my home.

Then, Judge Radius and Attorney Chuck Kleintop have the police take me out of my estate in Honolulu before the trial, again with no one looking at the books or records showing my husband’s incredible 6.5 million dollar hidden income, and financial situation.  (See the Police taking me out of my home in Welcome to My Press Conference films at www.brendadickson.com.  The guy I give the Heil Hitler sign to is my ex-husband’s attorney, Attorney Chuck Kleintop.)  I, of course, went to the FBI in Honolulu, who refused to help me.  There was one guy willing to help but they shipped him out of state really fast!  And then, no one at the FBI of Honolulu would ever help me.  Never.  Even after approaching them countless times over the years.

There is no FBI, none, overseeing the judges in the State of Hawaii(this is by design, no accident), especially in this case because this case is connected to Hollywood.  My blacklisting by people who wanted me not to be back in Hollywood for fear I would open my mouth, which I am doing now.  Instead of arresting the judges for jailing an innocent woman, selling off our properties with “No Due Process,” and stealing the cash out of our properties for attorney fees (breaking every law in the book), they gave the rest of the cash to my ex-husband.  I got none!

Can you imagine out of $6.5 million income and millions of dollars of assets, I got none?!!  (This is an exact repeat of what they did in my first divorce during my $11 million lawsuit against Bill Bell!)  They allowed the crooked State Court to be run by the crooks (Honolulu Boys Club), who basically pretend there is no Constitution, no family law, and no laws to be upheld.  But boy do they racketeer for attorney fees!!!  This goes on in other states, likeCalifornia(the Jewish Mafia).  Does some of that money flow to the Judges?  What do you think?

But I believe the real game is that Bill Bell and his connective tissue wanted me to be a victim not a villainess.  This is the game they decided to play with my life . . . to drive me crazy so that I would never tell the truth about what went on, on the set.  This is the truth!  It will knock your socks off.  Jan Weinberg, a pawn in the real power struggles which had to do with the stockholders of CBS being screwed.  He is a high-profile attorney.  They have him covered or uncovered.  He is helpless against the mob.

If I was homeless inLos Angeles, I would never be able to tell the truth, my face would be hidden, as my life would be taken up with so many other problems like litigation, and the need for food.

 The New Appellate Court-Ordered Trial In 2011

The Intermediate Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court rulings set aside all of Judge Choy’s orders both trial and judgment, a new trial is ordered. The Judge in the 2011 Trial was Japanese.  My ex-husband’s new attorney after he got rid of Chuck Kleintop was Japanese.  Sony Pictures is very connected in Honolulu.  My attorney, Madelyn Purcell, got a Japanese attorney on my case, which seemed to work to protect Jan Weinberg, as they all did.  Sony, get the picture?  The Bells are connective tissue.  The Bell Family is part of Sony.  So, I’m narrowing this down to the Bell Family and what I believe is the connection, at the last phony-baloney unconstitutional trial in 2011.  These games go on constantly on the set of The Young and the Restless.  The way the producers kept getting rid of the actors and writers, who brought the ratings to the show.  The producers make no money off the ratings.  The ratings belong to the stockholders of CBS, so to gain control of the show; they have the power to make it Nepotism City.  It is my belief they had to blacklist me as the ratings fell 9 points upon my highly illegal firing, to cover themselves.  I was a major income source to the stockholders of C.B.S…

Judge Radius, in Honolulu, steals my home out from under me, without looking at the books and records (odd?), or income tax returns (even odder)!  My ex-husband and I had no debt since we had just settled a $5 million case in 2002.  I want my fans to read a book called Operation GreyLord if you have time.  It was a sting operation the FBI did inChicago.  65 judges and 85 attorneys went to prison for taking cash bribes for traffic tickets.  The FBI filmed the money exchanging hands in the Judges’ chambers.  I guess this went on for some time for them to indict that many judges and attorneys.  It is happening everywhere.  Just recently inMarin County,California, the FBI ofLos Angeles filmed a Judge accepting a $500,000 check for a baby.  Babies are big money to judges and attorneys.  Can you imagine the film footage; another Boys’ Club bites the dust!  But, inHonolulu,Hawaii, this would never occur.  “No FBI” is the name of the game.  So, they don’t even bother to hide the “High Treason.”  Only the FBI can bust a judge.  AU.S. attorney can, through the FBI

In Hawaii, the Mafia have taken over the State Court of Honolulu (there is no FBI, U.S. Attorney, or anyone who will do anything about it), and they use it for fraudulent purposes and some of the judges are in on it.  So, what we have in the State Court of Hawaii is “High Treason,” performed by the judges daily.  These people have stolen the State Court and have used it for their own purposes to make money at any cost.  No problem!!  False arrest of innocent people, jail them so you break and enter into their homes in California (against the law in California), sell the property off without looking at the financial books or records (against the Constitution), steal $10 million and launder it through the State Court.  It is pure fraud.  It would never be undone . . .

In my case, no problem!!  Leave the spouse homeless (me).  Just give them the $1.5 million in attorney’s fees.  They are up for the task of “High Treason” (about the cost of my case in attorney fees).  They are confident no one will ever check them out, or even arrest them.  They killed my 85-year-old mother, as I was forced to move into her little condo with her when they stole my home, and illegally sold it out from under me.  I was made homeless.  My stepfather, Karl Ullman, also was affected, as he lived with my mother, of course.  I had to sleep on her tiny little floor.  I had no support or property while my ex-husband kept $10 million of our assets.  We had earned it together, through very hard work, on both of our parts.

During the marriage, we lived on $50,000 per month.  This unethical judge left me without a dime for support (odd) or is it a repeat of what they did to me while I sued Bill Bell?  I had no clothes, except the green Juicy jumpsuit I was wearing when I was illegally arrested.  I was released (after a four-month stay in prison/jail), with just my jumpsuit.  That’s all!!!  They sold my home while I was in jail.  My mother was extremely upset.  I was left homeless and in $80,000 worth of credit card debt and I owed attorney’s fees, while my ex-husband, under Attorney Chuck Kleintop’s supervision, crossed state lines and stole my home out from under me.  It was Attorney Chuck Kleintop who did the “Bench Warrant” for my arrest, and enforced it through his pal, Judge Choy.

 My Loss of a Part on Desperate Housewives from the Hawaii Fraud

I was following Judge Valerie Baker’s Orders inCaliforniawho had jurisdiction, who ordered they could not evict me (after they had a six-month trial to evict me inCalifornia).  After her ruling, and a six-month trial inCalifornia, Judge Choy illegally put me in jail, over aCaliforniaproperty he had no jurisdiction over, against California Judge Baker’s orders that did have jurisdiction.  They ruined my career.

My mother was on a fixed income (85 years of age).  The pressure they put on her was tremendous.  They took all my clothes out of my home in California(just like they did in Hawaii), while I was in jail.  JUDGE CHOY EXCEEDED HIS JURISDICTION when he got involved in a Californiareal estate sale.  They illegally broke into and entered my Californiahome while I was jailed for 4 months.  They put all my clothes and belongings in storage, including a job offer from Mark Cherry to play Nicole Sheridan’s sister on Desperate Housewives.  A multimillion-dollar opportunity!  After trying to reach me by phone while I was in jail, the Producer and Creator (Mark Cherry) of Desperate Housewives left an email message on my computer, which would be locked in storage for years, saying, “I have to hire you.  So many of your fans have written me.”  There was no money to get my things out of storage for years, and nowhere to put my 35 wardrobe boxes and furniture.  My mother was horrified.  I was in jail.  She was so upset by the stress of this nightmare case that it killed her.  In 2008 she suffered a heart attack and died.

They locked up an innocent woman, crossed state lines, and illegally sold her California home out from under her (from Hawaii) against a California Judge’s orders!  . . .  Against California law, with “No Due Process,” when there were millions of dollars to keep the home, had I gotten my one-half of our marital assets.  This is what they did to me, all to make me a victim, so the Bell Family could run the show, and continue the game (while I was homeless, and the Bell Family stole all my money again, they would write Jill Abbott working in a beauty salon doing Kay’s nails)!  The B.S. continued as the ratings dropped.

It was all orchestrated by Attorney Chuck Kleintop, my ex-husband’s attorney, who has deep pockets and I believe connections.  I have reason to believe that Chuck Kleintop is connected to Hollywood.  My ex-husband pockets, $6.5 million of undisclosed income!  They laundered an approximate $10 million of cash, real property, annuities, IRAs, and other assets through the State Court of Hawaii.  They gave me nothing!!!  Keep reading…

In 2006, Judge Choy, knowing we lived on $50,000 per month, gives me no support!  Odd, but not an accident, it was a repeat of exactly what they did to me in 1988 when I sued Bill Bell.  Now, in 2011, they want to keep most all the property they laundered through the Hawaii State Court in 2006, as my ex-husband says that he went through it all or lost it!!  Judge Murakami refuses to give me my one-half of the $6.5 million income!!!  It is a repeat of more fraud!!!  Again, I must stress Jan Weinberg has always been ethical and honest.  I believe “they” (the Bell Family) and their cronies are putting pressure on Jan.  He is an attorney.  He relies on the Courts.  In my opinion, they own the court and the judges.  They want to protect Judge Choy and Judge Radius for what they did, especially the “High Treason.”  So, they have a “phony-baloney” trial in 2011 to give me a crumb!  No damages.  No back spousal support, certainly not my half of our estate!  They don’t reverse the sale of my home!!  The law!!  The State Court takes my real property (home) without “Due Process”!!!  This is completely against the Constitution of the United States of America!!!  The State cannot sell off real property without “Due Process”!!!  I should have been put back in my home in California. The deed transfer of Judge Choy was completely illegal. He can’t take my name off a California deed!  He did this action at the same time he illegal jailed me in Hawaii, arranging for me to have no money for representation out of our multi-million dollar estate.  A California real estate attorney was needed as on every constitutional level Judge Choy had no business in a California sale.  Only a California judge can take my name off a California deed.  Judge Choy’s sale of my home in California was complete fraud, which I will get into later in this report.

In 2011, for the “Remand” Trial, I got $720,000 (after taxes) which doesn’t even cover my damages, my condo they stole in 2006 was valued on the market.  The one they took from me in my contract.  It was appraised at $1.4 million. There was $2.4 million all together of assets in the contract. Although I was owed substantially more as we did not have the $6.5 million of income included in the Contract.  Judge Radius found that the Contract was signed and negotiated.  We had boxes of proof!  She took the Contract from me anyway!  The attorneys and judges laundered it and fabricated attorneys’ fees!!!  I had $200,000 interest only on loan shark loans I had to borrow to survive, and had to sell off my jewelry.  I lost a multimillion-dollar job offer so far, but this isn’t over.

In 2011, the $720,000 they gave me (the amount the Japanese judge, Judge Murakami, came up with) wasn’t even my one-half of the income Weinberg pocketed in the 2004–2006 litigation.  They can’t take the contract from me, unless they return the assets they stole while I was under it!  BY LAW, THAT MONEY POCKETED DURING THE CONTRACT, SHOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN BACK TO ME.  So, that is all I got—$720,000 . . . forget about the $6.5 million cash he kept, the IRAs, annuities, real property cash, my money, etc.!  Or any interest on my money, my huge career losses, jewelry sales, liquidation of one of my employee IRA.  This is how I lived, by encumbering my mother’s little condo she left me in her Will (after they killed her).  Now, just recently (2012), they arranged for $5,000 per month support, cut the Court-Ordered support of $12,000 a month support suddenly by more than half after the 2011 trial and judgment (For nine months I received $12,000 a month).  I was owed $25,000 per month, not $12,000.  Now they illegally have it down to $5,000!  Which I received sporadically.


They have another trial after the 2011 Trial, to stop the judgment support.  At this new trial, I have no representation; I cannot find representation in Hawaii!  I had fired Attorney Madelyn Purcell, as she just kept getting unearned fees from her judge friends.  No one will represent me in Hawaii.  They all know my ex husband, he’s worked in both courts (Maui and Honolulu), for over 35 years.  Judge Bode Uale knows it, he orders me to represent myself!  Unconstitutional!  So he runs an unconstitutional hearing while I have no representation?  My ex-husband lies and states he’s retiring and has left his office of 35 years, is working out of his home.  He and Attorney Steven Hisaka tell lies to take away my court ordered judgment support!  I can’t live off what they gave me!  The truth is the day the ruling came down, my ex-husband had rented office space in the expensive Dillingham building, and I am told he has large cases he is handling.  My face is still in Hollywood, which is something they don’t want.  More importantly, they want me to be poor and struggling.  Above all, they don’t want the truth out.  They don’t want anyone to know what they have done to me.  They had done this to me before.

My ex-husband is a brilliant attorney.  I believe he’s got millions of dollars in cases coming in (I have been informed of this by other attorneys.).  He is perhaps the best attorney I have ever encountered.  His business may have been hurt by Attorney Chuck Kleintop’s jailing me, but, more importantly, other Mafia folks may be putting pressure on him by threatening him, even though he lied to the new judge on the bench, Judge Bode Uele, stating he was retiring to get out of the judgment ordered support.  Support, now cut more than in half from Jan’s lie, as he did not retire…  Judge Bode Uale replaced Judge Murakami.  As of the press date of this book, I have asked Judge Bode Uale to revoke his decision to cut my spousal support more than in half as I had no representation when my ex-husband Jan Weinberg lied to the court.  They are still continuing to litigate without me having any legal representation in Hawaii.  I have asked Judge Bode Uale to give me a change of jurisdiction to Los Angeles as I cannot find representation in Hawaii.  We were married in Los Angeles, and I have rights in California.  They continue to have unconstitutional hearings without my presence or legal counsel.  I asked Judge Murakami who presided over the 2011 trial to step down if he played golf with Attorney Chuck Kleintop.  He did.  Now we have the same unconstitutional actions going on with Judge Bode Uale.  (The newly appointed Judge.)  He cannot take my judgment spousal support from me, order me to do my own asset and debt statement, which he did.  I am not an attorney and I must be allowed to have representation.  I believe they want to keep it in Hawaii, to continue the fraud.  All of this transpired while I had no legal representation.  They are all in on it together.


 After I wrote this I went back over to Hawaii to meet Judge Bode Uale. I had asked for a change of Jurisdiction to California as I had no representation… he gave it to me!! I am on my way to justice. I have not received the order yet, but I have been given permission to litigate in California! Judge Bode Uale is not one of them!! Thank God I am out of the Honolulu courts! I pray justice will take place in California where    we were married. Judge Bode Uale is the first judge of Samoan decent to be appointed to the bench. He must not be one of the clique. I asked Judge Murakami to step down if he plays golf with Chuck Kleintop. He did. So Judge Bode Uale takes his place! You will have to stay tuned on www.brendadickson.com to see if justice is served in California! I think it will be! All the illegal acts perpetrated on my life in California can now be looked at by the California courts!! I received this incredible news as this book is going to press. The below injustices you are about to read may be vindicated in the California courts…keep reading!

The backbone of our Constitutional law says, “The State cannot take your liberty, your life, or your property without “Due Process.”  Why are these judges allowed to break Constitutional law, as well as other laws?!!!  They are hired to split the property fairly.  What is this?!  They use the State Court to steal a citizen’s property, and launder it to their friends for a price!  They launder money to their friends and take unearned fees!

I am still living in the tiny condo that my mother left me in her will.  I have no money for health insurance.  The State of Hawaii legally cannot do this!!!  It is just another slippery sliding move by what I believe to be the gangsters in the State Court of Honolulu, and the Mafia in my life.  It was found by the Supreme Court and the Intermediate Court of Appeals, that there had been “No Due Process” in 2006.  They broke and entered into my home in California, they evicted me, against Judge Baker’s orders in California, who had jurisdiction (while I was illegally in jail, by Judge Choy who had no jurisdiction over a California property).  They chose jurisdiction when they sued me in California to evict me, although California is the only court with jurisdiction!  The result of a six-month’s trial over the California condo was Judge Valerie Baker’s orders (a judge who is now on the Supreme Court of California).

Judge Baker’s orders were: You can’t evict her, and, Judge Choy’s Judgment needs to be “Registered” into the Family Law Court of California, or it doesn’t exist in California.  There are no exceptions to this law.  Judge Choy illegally takes my name off a California Deed while I am illegally in jail, where he put me, with no real estate representation and no money to pay for representation!  Only a California Judge could have taken my name off a California deed.  That’s the law!  The condo had already been ruled on in California!  The State Court in Hawaii had no jurisdiction.  They can’t legally lock me up!!  Chuck Kleintop knew about the lost eviction trial and Judge Baker’s rulings when he pushed to have me locked up by his “Honolulu Boys Club” member friend, Judge Choy!  They proceeded to steal my condo “my home” from me while they arranged for my ex-husband to keep our multi-million dollar income and assets.  More than enough to pay for my condo which they now want to steal from me in the phony baloney 2011 trial.

The Choy Divorce Decree doesn’t exist in California until “Registered” with the Family Law Court of California.  That is what Judge Baker from California said in her ruling (she even put the law number on her order.  I looked it up myself on the Internet).  After a judgment is “Registered,” then it can be challenged, and if it is not fraud (Judge Choy’s judgment was fraud) it will be accepted.  The law is that there must be a fair sale with a bona fide appraisal, court-appointed realtor, and the property in California must be sold on the open market to the highest bidder. California real property divorce laws are the same in Hawaii.  But, Judge Choy wasn’t going to follow any laws.  This is also constitutional law.  The State Court can’t just take property from a citizen and do whatever they want with it. Hawaii isn’t Nazi Germany, or is it? The Constitution states all property must be sold fairly with a judge overseeing it.

Judge Choy’s Divorce Decree states my ex-husband can sell our real property for any price he wants, without a court-appointed realtor, and he can pick any realtor he wants.  Judge Choy’s Divorce Decree also states that my ex-husband doesn’t have to list the property on the open market, and my ex-husband can sell it to a friend or an acquaintance if he wants, which he did.  Judge Choy promptly took me out of the sale of both properties (odd).  I have great knowledge of real estate.  This is fraud according to both Hawaii and California law, mostly Constitutional law.

So, they sold my home to a real estate investor friend, while I am locked up in Honolulu.  She flips the property for a profit when I get out of jail.  I hired a real estate attorney in California (2007, Laurie Butler).  When I was in jail, I had no real estate attorney, no money for one.  I had to sell my jewelry when I got out of jail to hire a real estate attorney.  The judge made sure I had no money for representation.  My real estate attorney writes a letter to the fraudulent buyer.  The new buyer sells my home and quickly flips it for a profit!  I am left homeless with no money to fight her.  Judge Choy’s plan.

Now, I want my fans to know this is the second time the Mafia has done this to me.  Keep reading . . . I believe this is a tie to my blacklisting, to the Bells, and my $11 million lawsuit against Bill Bell for the blacklisting.  My property never needed to be sold at all!  (There was plenty of money.)  There was “No Due Process” by Constitutional law.  They can’t keep this fraudulent sale.  It is “High Treason.”  They kept my Marital Settlement Agreement.  They cannot take away the Marital Contract (which they did) until they return the property to me that Jan kept under it.  They didn’t want the books or records looked at!  Well . . . they never have been looked at, as my ex-husband left town, during the trial, more fraud, and more “No Due Process.”  The fraud continues in the 2011 Trial.  The judges think everyone is stupid!

For the “Remand” Trial in 2011, they just re-laundered the money owed to me, back to my ex-husband (on paper).  He says he no longer has the money.  Who knows if he does or doesn’t.  The attorneys stole approximately $900,000 out of the estate for fees in 2011!  All the work was already done for the 2006 trial.  The Property Charts, Exhibits, and Support Motion were already done.  My one-half of the property in the Property Chart in the 2006 Trial was $4.5 million.  All this good work was hidden from the Court, by the attorneys in the so-called 2011 “Trial” (odd).  They showed up for trial with no Property Charts (even odder).  How do you have a $10 million trial with no property charts to split each property?!!  They were at it again . . . the “Mafia” in my life.

In 2011, I believe the attorneys’ mission was to cover and hide Judge Radius’ and Judge Choy’s fraud.  All that needed to be done in 2011, was for them to look at the books and records.  My ex-husband left town, and refused to give any financial documents.  They were never looked at.  Again, “No Due Process.”  However, the Mafia may have made him say that he lost all that money, the Bell Family owes me money!!!  Nothing more needed to be done as all the other assets were on the Property Chart done in 2006, hidden by my attorney, Madelyn Purcell, and Attorney Steven Hisaka (Jan’s attorney).  There was little to do as the work had already been done on the case.  The attorneys wanted to hide all the work that had already been done.  The prepared property chart was $4.5 million owed to me.  Hidden!  There was interest on my losses, and more income.  My total owed with interest, and true income was $6 million.  Very simply, the State cannot do this to me by Constitutional law.  The whole trial was fraud.  I want my condominium in California back!

Judge Choy pushed through a trial in 2006, when I had no representation (odd).  I had let my attorney go when I was taken out of my home before the trial, by police.  (See my Welcome to My Press Conference tape on www.brendadickson.com).  Judge Choy pushed through a trial when I had no money to mount the trial (odd).  No witnesses or exhibits allowed in for me (even odder).  I was heavily drugged on Ativan, a strong tranquilizer from the trauma by having been taken out of my home in Honolulu by police before the trial.  All my clothes were placed in storage in Hawaii.  I had to buy clothes to show up for court.  They did this twice to me (my first divorce, exactly the same).

Four doctors wrote Judge Choy, telling him I was in no condition for trial.  I was highly medicated.  He ignored them all.  Ativan is a very strong tranquilizer.  I found an attorney, Mary Lucas, to prepare for the case in 24 hours before the $10 million trial.  The Income Tax Returns were missing from the trial as well as all financial data (odd).  Not even a deposition had been done.  The Intermediate Court of Appeals in 2010 and the Supreme Court found I have had “No Due Process” and kicked Judge Choy’s trial and his rulings to the curb, or so they thought.  The condo inLos Angelesshould have been returned to me.  Instead, the “Honolulu Boys Club” would loot the marital estate, and steal approximately $900,000 in fees in 2011.  I had no money to appeal as they froze the money until the Appeal statute was up in 2011!!!  One more “Honolulu Boys Club” trick to stop justice.

 “High Treason” By Judge Murakami in the 2011 Trial

It was quoted and agreed upon that the 2011 Trial would cost $50,000 to re-try the case by Chuck Kleintop.  Then Chuck Kleintop backed out of the case for the 2011 Trial (after I went to the press).  He gave this fee quote to re-try my case.  The new attorneys looted the marital estate for approximately $900,000 in fees, and they would get their hands on some of this money by reinstating Judge Choy’s already set-aside penalties!  Get this!  They take $261,000 of my California real property money to pay Attorney Chuck Kleintop’s attorneys fees and Judge Choy’s sanctions for the 2006 fraud (which he pulled off by breaking and entering into my home) against Judge Valerie Baker’s Orders in California!  It is pure fraud.

In 2011, they had me pay for the Judge Baker California trial, which they had started and lost as well as other Judge Choy’s sanctions now set aside!  My attorney in California attached my condo for $65,000 in attorney’s fees while Jan took his $65,000 of fees for the California trial out of the $6.5 million from our office, of which I received none.  They never “Registered” Choy’s Judgment in California(Judge Baker’s orders).  Judge Sabrina McKenna in Honolulu, the trial judge for five months in 2010, was conveniently moved up to the Supreme Court days before the trial.  She had ordered “Pre-trial Orders” that no fees, fines, or sanctions should be imposed against me for the false arrest and illegal contempt of court in 2006.  This was in accordance with the Supreme Court’s ruling and by the Intermediate Court of Appeals.  It was found there was “No Due Process” in 2006 by the Intermediate Court of Appeals.  The Supreme Court of Hawaii agreed.  Without “Due Process,” the State cannot take your money.  But Judge Murakami is going to ignore the Constitution for fees for his friends.  (Do you think he got any of that money?)

In 2011, the State Court judge of Hawaii, Judge Murakami, created “High Treason” again!  Judge Murakami arranged to take my real property money to pay Attorney Chuck Kleintop’s fees, and enforced the formerly set-aside Judge Choy sanctions.  It is said that Judge Murakami plays golf with Chuck Kleintop!  Jan Weinberg can sue Chuck Kleintop for millions of dollars of my losses if I would have gotten my proper judgment, and damages.  It is my belief that Judge Murakami was covering for Chuck Kleintop, Judge Choy, Judge Radias and the entire Honolulu Boy’s Club and the racketeering for fees.  Judge Murakami cannot re-instate anything Judge Choy ordered, or fine me when there was “No Due Process” in 2006.  So, he ignores Judge McKenna’s Pre-Trial Orders.  More importantly, he ignored the Constitution of the United States of America!!  I believe this is more fraud for fees!!!  He ignores Supreme Court and the Intermediate Court of Appeals decisions!  In 2011, he reinstates Judge Choy, who was set aside in 2009.  They take $261,000 of my real property money to pay Attorney Kleintop’s fees (and enforce Choy’s sanctions set aside by the Supreme Court)!  Of course taking away my “Standard of Living” support would pay the racketeering fees in 2011.  They stole my support money and real property money to pay for unearned fees!  Do you think under the table money flowed to the judges?

More importantly, Judge Murakami ignores the Supreme Court and the Constitution of the United States of America, when he sanctions me all over again!!  Why would I pay my ex-husband’s attorney’s fees!  I didn’t get any of the huge income from the business while I was under contract—2004, 2005, or the 2006 income.  By law, I was to get equal money for fees out of my half of the $6.5 million he kept!  I got no money to defend myself for the 2006 trial.  All I had was $10,000.  So, they attached my Nuuanu Estate to get their fees.  They attached my California condo.  I was charged $65,000 for the Judge Baker trial that they lost.  I had to defend myself.  This was one more action to defraud me out of the money that isn’t there or hidden, and take my money to pay my ex-husband’s attorneys fees!  This is outrageous . . .

In 2011, hoping for a fair trial, I got more of the same “Racketeering for Fees,” and money laundering, “High Treason,” and “No Due Process.”  “They” (Judge Murakami; my attorney, Madelyn Purcell; and Attorney Steven Hisaka) would re-launder the property back to my ex-husband on paper.  “They” would do a rain dance in Court, and hide all the property charts, just forget about the $6.5 million pocketed by my ex-husband while I am under a marital settlement contract, with the splitting of assets already done by Attorney Mary Lucas in 2006 Mary Lucas’ property chart stated I’m owed $4.5 million was my half on her chart!  No charts were used at the 2011 “so-called” Trial.  However, we didn’t have the tax returns in the 2006 trial, so I was owed more.  What about my damages?  All the well organized Exhibits and income were hidden.  Instead, Attorney Madelyn Purcell purposefully brought in confusing unorganized data.  No real trial occurred.  She even lied about a check I did not receive, stating I received a large check of approximately $179,000 from Jan, when it was my Bankruptcy Court separate money.  It was separate money released to me in 1991 from my first marriage, which I used to build a wing on our house in Hawaii.  She failed to bring in the canceled checks Jan wrote to me, which would prove our “Standard of Living.”  She made notes of them, and the court refused to let her put them in as evidence, and her notes were wrong!  She had all the real checks, but hid them from the court.  We already had a perfectly prepared Support Motion with canceled checks, which she hid from Judge Murakami.  Jan didn’t participate in that “Mafia” Trial. He left town. So it was just me at the 2011 trial.  Jan refused to give any depositions or financial documents for the trial!  He was in contempt of court.

 Another Fee Trial Takes Place after the 2011 Trial
More Fee Fraud in 2012

There was another litigation after the Hawaii trial and after my attorney, Madelyn Purcell, I believe stole $200,000 in fees!  Purcell wants another $126,000 in fees!  Oh, My God!  She says she is representing me, and won’t get out of the case.  I fired Purcell, but she has a trial as my attorney representing me and suing me at the same time!  I had to defend myself, as clearly Attorney Steven Hisaka, Weinberg’s attorney, froze all the judgment money, so I have no money for an attorney and he asked it to be frozen so Madelyn can take more fees out of it before I am given the crumbs!  Judge Murakami gave her another $126,000 in a fee lien!  Now the fees to Madelyn total $326,000.  I heard from one of Jan’s attorneys that if I should sue her, she will enforce the lien!  Well, just forget it.  It is a totally illegal trial, as I have no representation because all my money was frozen by Attorney Steven Hisaka.  Again this is unconstitutional.  I must have representation and the money for it!

The high point was Judge Murakami giving Attorney Madelyn Purcell $326,000 in fees for a case that was estimated by Kleintop to be $50,000, since all the work was already done, which they hid.  Then there is Attorney Steven Hisaka’s fee of $280,000.  Then, of course, Judge Murakami would re-instate Judge Choy’s set-aside sanctions.  Which was also “High Treason” as the State cannot fine or sanction me, since there had been a Supreme Court ruling of “No Due Process”. Judge Choy’s $261,000 in sanctions and fees were reinstated by Judge Murakami against the Supreme Court rulings of “No Due Process.”  The state cannot take a dollar or a dime of my money without “Due Process.”  This was again high treason by Judge Murakami.  The racketeering and I am guessing under-the-table money flowed like wine.  Judge McKenna oddly, at the last minute was appointed to the Supreme Court days before the trial.  She was the trial judge for five months and ordered that no fees, sanctions, or monetary damages will be taken from Brenda Dickson’s property as a result of the illegal contempt.  Those orders still stand.  The $261,000 of my real property money was awarded to Jan to pay Attorney Chuck Kleintop’s fees, and Judge Choy’s sanctions that were set aside by Judge McKenna and the Supreme Court!!!  (Attorney Kleintop and Judge Murakami are golfing buddies, I was told.)  This was outrageous!

So, not only did Murakami ignore the Pre-Trial Orders of Judge McKenna, he arranged that his golfing buddy (as it has been reported to me) take $261,000 of my money to pay his fees and sanctions for the set-aside Judge Choy orders.  The Intermediate Court of Appeals was so outraged that they wrote an 85-page document on Judge Choy’s actions to set aside the trial and all of his orders.  He was found guilty of “Abusive Discretion.”  The group of what I consider to be of organized crime was in full swing.  I had an L.A.real estate attorney (Laurie Butler) fly in as a witness at the 2011 trial.  She wrote a letter regarding the illegal sale.  She told me the law is that only a California judge can take your name off a California deed.  While I was rotting in jail, Judge Choy took my name off my California home!!!  This was completely illegal.  He had no jurisdiction over a California property sale.  It’s against the law for him to take my name off a California deed  They refused to let my Real Estate Expert Witness testify at trial!  Judge Murakami and Steven Hisaka didn’t want her to tell the truth about Judge Choy’s exceeding his jurisdiction.  She was not allowed to speak!  So my paid expert witness was not allowed to testify as Judge Murakami and Steven Hisaka objected to her talking.  They wanted to cover the illegal deed transfer and fraud of Judge Choy.

My final judgment was $720,000 (after taxes).  This didn’t even cover my debts over the six-year period I was left homeless.  Even though the Judge gave me $12,000 per month support, “They” would later take it down to $5,000 per month.  Even though I was owed $25,000 a month support.  So, “They” got more fees than I got property!  It was a complete fraud.  Organized crime has taken on new blatant fraud in the State of Hawaii.  The judges are fearless.  They continually break constitution and family law.  There is no FBI to oversee these judges. 

The Outrageous Fee Fraud

Let’s examine what my attorney, Madelyn Purcell, got for me for her $326,000 fee.  Well, I’m owed $6 million with interest (damages not included), but she got a $1.4 million approximate judgment.  Then they decided out of that to pay my ex-husband’s attorney, Chuck Kleintop’s fees, and Judge Choy’s sanctions of $261,000.  O.K.!!!  Then, Madelyn wants more money in fees so she asks Judge Murakami and gets $126,000 more on top of unearned $200,000 she already in my opinion, stole.  So, let’s see.  So, now we have what looks to be on the surface a $1,004,000 judgment. What she fails to say is that the $535,000 in a highly taxed (50%) IRA (which she didn’t get for me because it was undisputed and given freely to me).  So, I got approximately $720,000, but my debt is more than the judgment.  So, Madelyn got me about $185,000 (Wow . . . out of $6 million owed, she gets me $185,000!) above the given $535,000 IRA.  In my opinion, complete fraud.

Purcell got a $200,000 advance in fees from Judge McKenna (the trial judge moved up to the Supreme Court).  She alluded to me and the court; it was a $10 million case.  Yet, she didn’t try a $10 million case.  They hid the well-organized property charts and exhibits with the well-organized Support Motion, especially the $6.5 million Jan kept to himself while he had me under contract.  She also hired expensive special expert witnesses, who totally screwed up!  She didn’t have the real witness at trial to use them!  She would create boxes of documents, when all that was needed was the Property Chart, the Exhibit List of Mary Lucas, and the $25,000 a month spousal support motion.

Yet, no one will touch the judges or attorneys in the State of Hawaii.  No one!  They all know this is going on . . .This fraud, money-laundering, crossing of state lines to steal real property and to kidnap children, false arrest and false imprisonment, which I will get into at another time.  They (the Mafia) have done this to me before, so I want my fans to know this craziness in Honolulu is just a repeat of what they did to me in Los Angeles to keep me out of Hollywood.  There are so many players . . . CBS and Sony Pictures are the ones connected to the Bells, and Columbia Pictures.  But one thing is sure; it is continuing fraud on my life, my career, and my property.