Brenda has received a California Senate Resolution for her public service efforts.

The cause closest to her heart has been the U.S.O. At age 17 she met Johnny Grant. She had just won the “Miss California World” contest. He asked her to tour with him in Viet Nam. It was the single most life changing experience in her life. Johnny took them right into the war and hospitals. She believes this wonderful man has taken more tours to the war than anyone!

After Brenda auditioned for the “Bob Hope Christmas Show”, she was chosen to sing, dance, and perform skits. It was a thrill to work with Bob Hope and to entertain the troops. They were so appreciative, she actually felt she could do something to help. Brenda hopes all our servicemen in Iraq return safely. They have done such a great job.

After the war, Brenda continued her efforts for the servicemen. She worked with a group called “Jobs for Vets”, a foundation established to raise money for wounded servicemen after the war and to find them jobs. Brenda worked with Nancy Regan, who was also involved. Nancy took her time for something really needed. This truly impressed Brenda.

Brenda also chaired parties for the “Leukemia Society” in Beverly Hills. In Hawaii, she co-chaired an event with Richard Chamberlain. He is such a gifted actor and a truly giving person. Talented vocalist Danny Couch also came in support of the “Leukemia Society”. The following year, Brenda also co-chaired and emceed with the well-known and loved jazz vocalist, Jimmy Borges, who entertained the guests with his wonderful voice.

Other charities Brenda has supported over the year include: “Toys for Tots”, “Jerry Lewis MS telethon”, “Make a Wish Foundation” with Emma Sands, “Actors for Animals” with Jerand Designs, “The Homeless Foundation”, and the “Heart Bill” of Hawaii.
Below Brenda is pictured with the “Bob Hope Christmas Show”. It was a sea of grateful men that she’ll never forget and her heart will always be with them. We must appreciate these brave young men who serve their country so well.