The November 2013 Odd Decisions of Judge Allen Goodman – The Fraud Continues

2MEG USEI just want my fans to be aware about what is going on in the California court system and the kind of fraud that is still being perpetrated on my life by the mafia. The story is long, but it is also valuable so that married people know their constitutional rights in other states on the sale of property. None of the laws in my case have been followed by Judge Allen Goodman. Instead, he has broken all laws to protect Judge Choy’s fraud, Jan Weinberg’s fraud, the realtors’ fraud and the illegal sale of my home out from under me, which should be given back to me.

The following story is an update on what is going on and this is what these crooks are doing to my life on a daily basis. I ask that you turn off the show until my property is given back to me.

The Odd Decisions of Judge Allen Goodman in the Santa Monica Courthouse in California. Is There a Westside Mafia . . . You Decide.

Actress, Brenda Dickson, was divorcing attorney Jan Weinberg of Honolulu Hawaii. In 2007, Judge Valerie Baker of California ruled in a 6-month, $135,000 trial that was initiated by attorney Jan Weinberg. She ruled that Brenda Dickson cannot be evicted from her home and that Judge Choy’s judgment needed to be registered with the California court or no sale order would be valid. The law states that if a judge comes down with a ruling in the proper jurisdiction of real property, no other judge can rule on this property. It is the jurisdiction of the California courts. This action of another state trying to take jurisdiction over a property that does not belong to them is called “res judicata” (which is the Latin term for “already judged”). Judge Allen Goodman of the Santa Monica Courthouse is very well aware of this law, however oddly, he has decided to ignore this law in favor of criminal acts that will be described in this story….

Judge Valerie Baker is currently the Senior United States District Judge for the United States District Court for the Central District of California. Judge Baker ruled on two things at this 2007 trial, which is reflective of California Real Estate Law and the Constitution of the United States of America. 1. Brenda Dickson could not be evicted from her home. 2. Judge Choy’s judgment of Honolulu had to be “domesticated” (or registered) in the Family Law Court of California or it didn’t exist in California. Therefore no litigation or sale of a property can take place of a sister state judgment unless “domestication” takes place. Judge Allen Goodman, of the Santa Monica Courthouse knows this, but somehow it has conveniently slipped his mind. Judge Goodman began to ignore all laws as he took the place of another judge overseeing the case. Brenda Dickson believes he is part of the mafia connected to her case whom she believes to be the producers of “the Y & R” who are playing games with her life, wanting her to be the little “Jill Foster” character that she played at 15, that Bill Bell created with no money and no assets. This is hardly her character, as Brenda Dickson not only made good money as an actress, where she would have made millions had the producers not blacklisted her. She also refurbished properties and made millions of dollars doing that. All of her money has been continually stolen from her by mafia-like connected characters of judges and attorneys, creating outrageous fraud over and over again. This game has gone on for years, all covered in her book, “My True Hidden Hollywood Story”. The ratings fell from 11 million viewers to 3 million viewers when Miss Dickson departed from the show and they never came back up from the huge audience that Brenda Dickson brought in. Therefore they have remained in her life, taking up her time, stealing her rights, stealing her property and making her life a nightmare when she returns to Hollywood. They do not want her to have her property. Every single local law and constitutional law was broken when Judge Choy locked up an innocent women in a 3rd world-like prison in 2007, and Judge Choy having no jurisdiction over the property, took Brenda Dickson’s name off of a California deed. Only a California judge can do this. Jan Weinberg broke and entered into Brenda Dickson’s home and illegally sold her home out from under her while she was in jail in Hawaii, against Judge Baker’s orders in California. The new buyer, who was also at Judge Baker’s trial, flipped her home for $190,000 profit. The property was sold the first time for $300,000 under market value. No appraisal, no judge overseeing the sale, not on the open market to the highest bidder. Why would Allen Goodman, a California judge rule in favor of such fraud and abuse? Every single California law and constitutional law in the book was broken. This is just extended fraud by the mafia in Brenda Dickson’s case. “The state can’t take your liberty, your life, or your property without due process.” Judge Baker’s orders following the due process laws in California and constitutional laws throughout the United States. The 14th amendment seems to have slipped Judge Allen Goodman’s mind.

There was a reason that Judge Choy of Honolulu did not want to domesticate his fraud judgment. It was unconstitutional fraud in both Hawaii and California. It stated that Jan Weinberg (who definitely has a conflict of interest with the judiciary in Honolulu, Hawaii) could sell the property at any price he wanted, could sell it to whomever he wanted, there didn’t need to be a court appointed Realtor and that Jan Weinberg could choose his own. He cut Brenda Dickson out of the sale of her home. The law states (as Judge Allen Goodman well knows) that there must be a 1. Judge overseeing the sale of a property in California. 2. There must be a court appointed Realtor, 3. The property must have a bone fide appraisal, 4. It must be sold on the open market to the highest bidder. Judge Choy’s judgment, when registered in California like it should have been, would have been set aside on grounds of fraud. It was never registered nor was it domesticated. It was constitutional fraud in both states (which Judge Allen Goodman well knows). Judge Choy was taken off the bench in a plea bargain with the IRS to retire at age 55. It is said that he tried to launder $1 million dollars of the IRS’s money to his attorney friends. He popped out of his forced retirement to preside over the Dickson/Weinberg case in 2007.

In order to get around Judge Valerie Baker’s order in California, in an insane move, Judge Choy locked Brenda Dickson up in a third-world like prison in Hawaii for 3 ½ months with no bail in 2007. He also tried to extort her to sign off on her California deed while she was in prison (with no representation and no money for representation). He charged her $1,000 a day fine for following constitutional law and Judge Valerie Baker’s orders of the sale of her home that never needed to be sold. The true fact is it was a $10 million dollar estate. There was more than enough money for Dickson to keep her home. That too would be laundered through the Hawaii courts by Judge Choy and Miss Dickson would be left homeless!

This is the second time that this has been done to Brenda Dickson. In 1988, when she was illegally fired by William Bell, in divorcing Robert Rifken, it is Miss Dickson’s belief that William Bell interfered with her divorce and laundered through a fake bankruptcy a $5.5 million estate and a $3 million undeclared income. The same outrageous move has been reincarnated in her second divorce and Miss Dickson believes that the Westside mafia is involved in this present time Judge Allen Goodman trial, just like they were in 1988. In 2010 Judge Choy was set aside by the Supreme Court of Hawaii on “abusive discretion” and “no due process”.
Instead of giving Brenda Dickson quite title and putting her back into her home that was illegally sold and illegally stolen from her against California law and a California judge’s ruling, Judge Allen Goodman decided to say that the State of Hawaii had jurisdiction over the sale of Miss Dickson’s California condo. This of course flies in the face of every California real estate law in the book. No judge can cross state lines from another state and sell a California property without registering the sale with a California Judge overseeing the sale, (unless the judgment is fraud like Judge Choy’s judgment) in which it would be set aside after it was registered with the court. They would have to follow the due process laws of a California judge overseeing a due process sale. So one has to wonder what is Judge Allen Goodman doing giving a California property sale to Hawaii to have jurisdiction when he knows that the sale was complete fraud and broke every single law in the California books. He also knows that they abused Miss Dickson and threw her in jail illegally and fraudulently conveyed her name off of a California deed while she was following a California judge’s orders. Judge Allen Goodman knows that only a California judge can take your name off of a California deed. So this begs the question, “Who is Judge Allen Goodman working for?” Let me give you a hint. Not only did Judge Allen Goodman push through this fraud in favor of the criminals. He arranged for his attorney friend, Richard Leonard Brenda Dickson’s ex-husband’s attorney, to be paid $25,000 (money that she does not have as all of her money has been laundered to her ex-husband in the multi-million dollar range), as Judge Allen Goodman is well aware of. So the racketeering for fees continues. Miss Dickson believes that the Westside mafia is alive and well in the State of California, bleeding money from innocent people to pay for fees of fraudulent acts so the money can be passed around to one another.

Dickson had entered the Hawaiian court with a fully negotiated settlement agreement worth $2.4 million. Dickson got the California condominium and Weinberg got the Hawaiian estate. They split the assets. The contract, Dickson would later discover, was substantially less than what she was owed.

Judge Radius of Honolulu fraudulently stole her contract from her. Then Judge Choy popped up out off his forced retirement. There were other people present at Judge Baker’s trial in California; Rodeo Realty, Sally Amanoff, a friend of Jan Weinberg (not a court appointed Realtor) and Keller Williams representing a real estate investor, Mary Lou Yadegar. While Dickson was locked up with no money for California Real Estate representation, or any representation, Judge Choy knowing the condo had been ruled on in California, fraudulently took Brenda Dickson’s name off the California deed, which by law, only a California Judge can do (This is something that Judge Allen Goodman well knows). Attorney Jan Weinberg, while Brenda Dickson was locked up, broke and entered into her California home and evicted her against Judge Valerie Baker’s orders. He then conspired with Mary Lou Yadegar, Rodeo Realty, Keller Williams, and the title insurance company (who well knows that only a California judge can take your name off a California deed). They all conspired to sell Brenda Dickson’s home out from under her. When Dickson was released from prison with no bail, her home had been sold. When Dickson was released from jail she suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome. She was in shock. The jail cell, an open room with 65 mostly convicted Hawaiian criminals in one room. After she was released from jail, she hired a real estate attorney to write the above people, all of them, to put her back in her home. She was an actress and needed her clothes. This was extremely upsetting. Mary Lou Yadegar, the Realtor, and the title insurance company ignored Dickson’s attorney’s’ letters to put her back in her home, that it was a fraudulent sale and flipped the property for $190,000 profit (including real estate commissions). This is called “no due process” . . . the Constitution of the United States of America, The 14th Amendment says, 1st paragraph, “The State cannot take your life, liberty, or your property without due process” (which Judge Allen Goodman has decided to ignore).

Fast forward to 2009, Judge Choy is set aside on “abusive discretion” and “no due process” by the Supreme Court of Hawaii. It is discovered that while Brenda Dickson was left homeless by Judge Choy with no spousal support, no property, and $30,000 credit card debt. Jan Weinberg had pocketed a $6.5 million income from their marriage. While Brenda slept on her mother and step-father’s tiny, condo floor, her 85 year old mother on a fixed income had a heart attack by the stress of the case by her 57 year old daughter being left homeless. Dickson’s 35 wardrobe boxes were put in storage for over 2 years. Her clothes, her business and her computer. She had nowhere to put them. Dickson lost a multi-million dollar job opportunity. Marc Cherry of “Desperate Housewives” could not contact her during the 3 ½ months she was in prison, so he emailed her a job on “Desperate Housewives” that would remain in storage for 2 years. The amount of damage Brenda Dickson suffered due to the displacement of her home is in the multi-million dollar range including the wrongful death of her mother. In an incredibly illegal move, On December 5, 2013, Judge Allen Goodman of the Santa Monica Courthouse ordered that the California Condo is the jurisdiction of Hawaiian courts when he knows what “res judicata” is and he also know that the judgment was never “domesticated” and that the sale was complete unconstitutional fraud.

Fast forward to 2011, Jan Weinberg left town and refused to give any financial documents for the remand trial in Honolulu. In the 2011 “remand trial”. Dickson did not receive her half of the multi-million dollar estate. Her ex-husband left town for the trial and refused to give any financial documents or be deposed. The attorney’s looted her half of the property, hid property charts that were already done by her former attorney, no books or records have ever been looked at on this case, which Judge Allen Goodman is very well aware of. In a shocking high-treason act, Judge Murakami, the trial judge in the remand trial in Honolulu, reinstated the set aside Judge Choy $1,000 a day fine to the tune of $261,000 against Brenda Dickson, even though the Supreme Court set aside all of Judge Choy’s trial, judgments and orders. Judge Murakami had no authority to overrule the Supreme Court decision in Hawaii. The attorneys charged approximately $600,000 in fees for a case they agreed to try for $50,000 because the work was already done, which they hid. During the trial they hid the property charts done by the previous attorneys, and didn’t use any property charts at all. The trial went forward without Jan Weinberg there or any financial books or records looked at. The entire trial was fraud, and again,” no due process”. They froze Brenda Dickson’s little money that she got until after the appeal statute was up. This was their usual tactic. Leaving Miss Dickson without money to defend herself. And even now, Judge Allen Goodman has demanded money from her that she does not have and her ex-husband has refused to pay the small amount of spousal support given to her that has nothing to do with her standard of living. This is so that Jan Weinberg can take the $25,000 that Judge Goodman has fraudulently given him.
December 5, 2013, Judge Allen Goodman in California ordered Jan Weinberg’s attorney to be paid $25,000 for what is called an “anti-slap motion”, stating in his ruling that the Honolulu divorce court had jurisdiction over the California condo!?? What? The condo that they got their hands on through the fraudulent conveyance of a deed. Locking an innocent women in prison? Judge Goodman’s move insured Dickson could not recoup any of her losses in the California courts. This included the under sale of her property of $300,000, the illegal fines and sanctions of $261,000 for her following California law and Judge Baker’s orders who had jurisdiction.(so far). The multi-million dollar job loss and other damages her and her family suffered from this complete, outrageous fraud. When are the producers of “the Y&R” going to get out of Brenda Dickson’s life and divorces? Why does anyone watch that show? Judge Allen Goodman’s ruling is outrageous and completely illegal. The Hawaii court has no jurisdiction over California property sales without a “domesticated” judgment that can be appealed in California… if it is fraud!