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*Brenda Dickson, Former TV Soap Star, Peoples Choice Award winner, Hawaiian Society resident and Author of ‘My True Hidden Hollywood Story’ Returns from the Mainland to Continue her Fight for Denied Due Process by Abusive Judges in One of the Longest and Illegal Divorce Cases in Hawaiian History

*Brenda Dickson Is the Only Woman in the History of Hawaiian Civil Court System to be Jailed for Contempt For Refusing To Sign Illegal documents That Looted Her Marriage Contract Assets.

*Judicial Misbehavior and Apathy To Be Discussed at Hearing Wednesday March 25h Kapolei Hawaii  8:30 AM

*The Supreme Court, FBI, Los Angeles Superior Courts Are All Monitoring This Trial and Outcome


Celebrity Outrage – Brenda Dickson Being Denied “Due Process”

One More Time In Hawaii Court

Kapolei, HI – Celebrity former Soap Star from The Young & The Restless actress Brenda Dickson, Peoples Choice Award-winning actress, and author of “My True Hidden Hollywood Story” is coming to Hawaii to face off against much abuse and fraud on her rights and property.  On March 25th at 8:30 a.m., Dickson will appear in the Kapola Divorce Court again.  “Currently, Judge Linda Martel is obstructing justice, and blocking my rightful support owed to me, letting all of my property foreclosure.” said Dickson.  She has been defrauded out of her half of the marriage contract property.  Judge Martel is accussed of aiding and abetting by hiding her husband Jan Weinberg’s income. The couples books and records are being sealed (hidden).  There has never been a book or record looked at in her divorce.  Dickson never received her half of the property in the 2011 Remand Trial.  Jan Weinberg left town and refused to give the books and records.  Dickson did not receive her half of the $10 million estate and has been left destitute, taking out loans to survive.  Jan Weinberg illegally avoided paying support at a subsequent trial by lying in 2011 that he was broke, had no case load, and was working out of his home.  But the day he got out of paying Dickson’s support, he rented an office in the famed Dillingham Building with his multi-million dollar case load.


Currently, Judge Linda Martel is ignoring Dickson’s right to an answer to her last court filing.  Martel intentionally passed the 3 month statute to even answer Attorney Leslie Maharaj’s motion for back support owed by Jan Weinberg’s lie.  It is protocol and “Due Process” to have books and records looked at for a support motion.  Attorney Leslie Maharaj has handed in data to Judge Martel about Jan Weinberg being voted “The Best P.I. Attorney in Honolulu” this year, and, his expensive ads in Honolulu magazines.  All Mrs. Dickson’s things are in foreclosure, as Judge Linda Martel ducks and hides “Due Process” of Brenda Dickson right to look at her ex-husband’s books and records on owed support.  This is the third trial in line to hide Jan Weinberg’s multi-million dollar income.   Dickson will be pressing criminal charges against all judges involved unless “Due Process” is served in this case.

Back Log Of Past Abuse, Fraud, And No “Due Process”

Continued in Hawaii

In 2005, Judge Radius took away Brenda Dickson’s fully negotiated and signed Marital Settlement Agreement with Attorney Chuck Kleintop.  In 2006, with Attorney Chuck Kleintop, Judge Choy pushed through a trial date where Dickson had no representation, no money to mount the trial, no books and records looked at, no depositions, and no returns.  In 2007, Judge Choy, with Attorney Chuck Kleintop, fraudulently and falsely imprisoned Brenda Dickson, while they stole her California home out from under her.  Jan Weinberg was making $263,000 a month and had just kept a $6.5 million income (half of which belonged to Dickson), as well as a $5 million settlement on a triplet baby case death before that.  Brenda Dickson was left homeless with no support or property by Judge Choy and Attorney Chuck Kleintop.  In 2010, the ICA and Supreme Court set aside Judge Choy on “Abusive Discretion” and NO “Due Process.”  In 2011, a second “Kangaroo” trial took place.  Judge McKenna was moved up to the Supreme Court and five days before the trial, Judge Murakami was put on as a judge.  He was an alleged undisclosed golfing buddy of Attorney Chuck Kleintop.

The $6.5 million of income that popped up in 2010 was hidden for the 2011 trial, and the $5 million case not even mentioned.  Both attorneys Madalyn Purcell and Attorney Steven Hisaka hid the property charts already prepared, proving Dickson was owed $4.5 million.  They used no property charts at the $10 million trial… thus hiding assets.

They hid the income and hired a forensic expert for one year of the 9 ½ year marriage.  Judge Murakami refused to let Brenda Dickson’s paid witness speak, that proved the Judge Choy’s fraud of crossing state lines and illegally selling Dickson’s home in California out from under her.  Being homeless for five years, for the appeal for five years, and no support, no property.  Dickson suffered much damage, which included $300,000 of loan shark borrowing taken out for her to survive.  $200,000 of interest only.  Dickson was given (after taxes) $475,000, not even enough to cover her damages owed in 2011.  Her Real properties she herself  refurbished during the marriage sold at $2 million under market price.  The California property flipped for a profit and fraudulently sold against all constitutional law by Judge Choy- the same Judge who got Dickson out of the way by jailing her for three months.

“All of the Judge Choy’s fraud was covered up by Judge Murakami, Attorney Kleintop’s golfing partner.  Attorney Hisaka froze my money from the trial until the appeal date passed.” Said Dickson.  So she had no money to appeal and she could not find representation after she fired Attorney Madalyn Purcell.  Dickson had a breakdown in 2011 and was put on Ativan when she was taken to the Emergency Room by ambulance.  Jan Weinberg left town for the trial and refused to give any financial documents, nor did he participate in the 2011 trial.  Officials picked her up at the hospital and put her on the stand under the influence of these powerful drugs.  “The attorneys looted the marital estate for $500,000 without looking at a book or record, and hiding the returns, the property charts, and income hidden at the Judge Choy’s trial.” Say Dickson.

Brenda Dickson will be conducting media interviews at 8AM and again after the Hearing ends in the AM.

Brenda Dickson  Back Story

Police Raid Court Ordered Removing Dickson from Her Home Without Cause, Click here to see video


Brenda Dickson Appears at New Hearing and Makes Statements to Media-  (Media passes are available for this hearing)

Weinberg v Brenda Dickson Case # FC-D No. 04-1-3936

Wednesday March 25th at 8:30 AM


Kapolei Court House Family Court

4675 Kapolei Pkwy

Kapolei, HI

District Court-Rural Division


Contact:  Edward Lozzi & Associates for Brenda Dickson   310-922-1200

Beverly Hills

Mayhem Continues in the State Court of Hawaii

Mayhem Continues in The State Court of Hawaii.

No FBI or U.S. Attorney in Sight Ever! all Connected to Hollywood.

This is the blog on my website. I put it in, as I want the people of this Country to understand what is really going on in our court system. More than 50% of you may end up in court one day. This is a shocking report as things aren’t run in our court system the way you think they are. This is not the book but some things are in the book.

When I write this to you, I want you to stand up and take notice because if affects every citizen in the United States of America. If you think… Oh, that could never happen to me, I assure you, it can happen to you. It happens when you have a group of attorneys who are solely motivated to make money, off the State or Federal Court, forget the case, when they are just motivated to make money, and they are a Clique” and the judges stand to make money from this “Clique”. All hell breaks loose. I call them the “Rats.” It is actually “Mafia,” Organized Crime. In Los Angeles, we have the “Jewish Mafia,” a group of attorneys who act the same way. The “Mafia” is definitely in my life, and has been with my “Blacklisting” in 1988. But it is also in our court system and it could affect you. So pay attention.

In 2006, Judge Choy, Judge Radius and Attorney Chuck Kleintop would launder $10 million worth of assets and cash through the State Court of Honolulu. I would be left homeless with no support. This included a $6.5 million hidden income (Returns). The only way they did this fraud was by breaking the Constitution of the United States of America law, and all laws in both states.