Mayhem Continues in the State Court of Hawaii

Mayhem Continues in The State Court of Hawaii.

No FBI or U.S. Attorney in Sight Ever! all Connected to Hollywood.

This is the blog on my website. I put it in, as I want the people of this Country to understand what is really going on in our court system. More than 50% of you may end up in court one day. This is a shocking report as things aren’t run in our court system the way you think they are. This is not the book but some things are in the book.

When I write this to you, I want you to stand up and take notice because if affects every citizen in the United States of America. If you think… Oh, that could never happen to me, I assure you, it can happen to you. It happens when you have a group of attorneys who are solely motivated to make money, off the State or Federal Court, forget the case, when they are just motivated to make money, and they are a Clique” and the judges stand to make money from this “Clique”. All hell breaks loose. I call them the “Rats.” It is actually “Mafia,” Organized Crime. In Los Angeles, we have the “Jewish Mafia,” a group of attorneys who act the same way. The “Mafia” is definitely in my life, and has been with my “Blacklisting” in 1988. But it is also in our court system and it could affect you. So pay attention.

In 2006, Judge Choy, Judge Radius and Attorney Chuck Kleintop would launder $10 million worth of assets and cash through the State Court of Honolulu. I would be left homeless with no support. This included a $6.5 million hidden income (Returns). The only way they did this fraud was by breaking the Constitution of the United States of America law, and all laws in both states.