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UPDATE! The e-book has been uploaded to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and I-Books and is available to purchase now!.

We are for sale in Gelson’s Market Now, so don’t forget to pick up a copy while you’re there!  You may even see me having a latte!

Brenda at the Oscars – Night of 100 Stars

Oscar Night Red Carpet Interview about My True Hidden Hollywood Story.
Brenda is interviewed by Mikayla and Shayna.  Adorable!



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 Pictured here with Billionaire Host Peter Nygaard and
Nicki Haskell (StarCaps) 


 Some of the photos in the book below

My True Hidden Hollywood Story. The story of Brenda Dickson ‘s life in Hollywood featuring the shocking, behind-the-scenes details of The Young and the Restless, a show she starred on for 12 years and received the People’s Choice Award for Best Villainess.  There are 70 Photographs, 50 Color, including her Best Selling Posters by the World’s Top Photographers, such as award-winning photographer, Harry Langdon.

Images of Brenda Dicksons new book





—Shirley Jones, Oscar winning actress

THIS IS MUCH MORE than a book about a star on the Young and The Restless . . . . it’s a real life story of dashed dreams, broken promises and powerful Hollywood types who use money and sex to get their way—not for the squeamish.

 —Renee Taylor, Oscar nominated and Emmy winning writer and actress “The Nanny”

IT’S A PAGE TURNER . . . more than a book about the life of Brenda Dickson, a star of The Young and the Restless; it’s a survival story in an industry that sometimes can be very cruel- a great read for anyone interested in Hollywood.

I HAVE KNOWN OF BRENDA DICKSON since she starred as a teenager in “The Young & the Restless”, and always admired her talent, beauty and ambition. I watched her before I knew her.  She is the most committed woman I have ever known, and her untiring energy and dedication is inspiring. Her life has had a good deal of pain over the Y&R firing and other things she has faced from it… but like the Phoenix, she always rises to the top. It’s a great read, very well written.  I give it 5 stars!  

  —Marci Weiner, Columnist of Hollywood Beat, Hollywood Today, Entertainment Today, Splash Magazine, and CNN

Reviews from Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars  Beautiful Book, March 5, 2014 By Maya Graber 
Gorgeous, stunning book! Loved all of the pictures and the authentic, well written story. A true look behind the Hollywood scenes. I don’t think I would have been able to keep my hands off Dex Dexter!
5.0 out of 5 stars  Excellent, February 24, 2014 By Kathleen Raab
With all that’s going on behind the scenes now this book shows the reality of what one actress went thru and what others still go thru today.

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a True Authentic Hollywood Story, July 12, 2013 By David S.

I love everything about this e-book, the cover and the color pictures all throughout. The romantic love affairs in every chapter. It’s a well written, interesting story about the behind the scenes in Hollywood at its worst. A producer and his family keeping this powerful actress away from Hollywood. It has all the elements of a good read . . . and possibly a fabulous film. It’s written very well with lots of humor even at the woman’s lowest moments.
5.0 out of 5 stars Brenda Dickson comes out with the truth!, September 6, 2013
By YK1990
Dear Amazon customers,

I was the first person to buy the hardcover copy of this book, as I was personally told by Miss Brenda Dickson herself through Facebook! This book tells you the truth of what happened to Brenda Dickson over the course of her show business career, the highs and the lows are all there. She explains the beyond psychotic mind of William J. “Bill” Bell, and how he had to make her a victim to satisfy his idiosyncrasies-all of which appear to be evil and conniving! Thank goodness he’s no longer with us! But that’s not even a facet of what he did let alone the half or the whole! I’m very glad Miss Dickson finally after all these years found the courage and the strength to write this book allowing a person like myself to know what is really going on in the United States, especially the corruption that has unfortunately occurred in her life ever since Bill Bell and his family got their clutches into her life in 1973, and they’re still in her life now-forty years later! But why did Bill Bell and his family have to make her a victim at all. He and his family could have had a much simpler life if he (Bell) had just written into her contract with The Young & The Restless whether Jill Foster Abbott was a villainess or not! Furthermore, Dickson explains how Bell and his family got involved in both of her divorces to her husbands Robert Rifkin and Jan Weinberg. And why, I ask? To keep her out of Hollywood; and for what, in case her audience followed her to another show. If Brenda had truly been a royal pain in the butt, when he fired her on June 1st, 1987, he just should have let her finish the last eight weeks left on her contract and let her be someone else’s problem, but the thing was she wasn’t a problem. She was just trying to do the best job possible that she could do on a set where the writers, producers and directors were always feuding over what to do with the character of Jill Foster Abbott and using Brenda as a pawn like she was just part of a tedious chess game, never mind that she was actually a human being with a soul, one which they tried to crush as well as other beyond devious behaviors as a result of the politics of The Young & The Restless, and its structure. If you read this review, I’d more than suggest that you read this book- I’m telling you to read this book! SERIOUSLY web-surfers! Well worth the money and the knowledge! I look forward to Brenda’s next book, “The Hollywood Survival Guide.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Easy reading of a truly interesting person with a compelling story, August 19, 2013 By David Zuckerman

Those interested in Hollywood stories will enjoy reading about Brenda Dickson’s life and acting career. Her successes and troubles apply to all people in all situations, but it seems Hollywood stories stimulate emotions the most. Being from Southern California, I was familiar with many of the names and places in the book which helped me understand Ms. Dickson’s story. There is a lot of both good and evil in this world and this remarkable woman has seen both.

I sincerely wish Ms. Dickson success in all of her present and future projects.

5.0 out of 5 stars Now we Know the Rest of the Story!!, August 26, 2013


This review is from: “My True Hidden Hollywood Story”, My Memoir of Sexual Harassment, Blacklisting, and Love Affairs with some of the most Powerful Men in Hollywood (Kindle Edition)

I have been a fan of Ms. Dickson’s for at least 30 years. I often wondered what happened to her and why she was let go from the Young and the Restless. How could the star of the show, the woman who brought the ratings to the show be let go in such a way? I was “Young and Restless” and left without answers when she was fired. Now, after all these years the truth finally comes out. This book is amazing. The book has beautiful color photos along with several black and white photographs. The book is in large print so it’s easy on the eyes. The content of the book tells the true story of how Ms. Dickson was treated by William Bell and others on the show. It goes from sexual harassment to blacklisting. It also tells about her affairs with Barry Goldwater, Jr., Michael Nader and Richard Thomas to name a few. The book has her time working with Bob Hope and being there to entertain all the service men that was in the Vietnam War. The book tells the story about her two failed marriages. The book talks about her Mom, Dad and her brothers and her childhood. If you’re a fan, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you will definitely want to open a can of whoop ass on the people who treated her so badly. My Grandmother use to say to me, don’t treat people dirty because it all comes out in the Wash. I am so happy that Ms. Dickson finally has told her side of the story. I can’t wait until this book becomes an Audio book. I would encourage people who want the truth to purchase the book and see for yourself. Don’t go by the negative post about the book. This is a real collectors item.


5.0 out of 5 stars OMG great book April 10, 2013 By iluvu

I remember watching her when I was little and being so intrigued with how glamorous she was and a really good actress. There will never be another Jill Abbott sorry but Brenda OWNED that role and if the producers want to higher the ratings they should ask Brenda back. Well written honest book.

5.0 out of 5 stars  Brenda Dickson Speaks! A real page turner!!! April 10, 2013 By AP

I just got this book today, and I couldn’t put it down! A real page turner. After all these years, I’m so glad that Brenda Dickson can finally tell her true Hollywood story. A beautiful, talented, and popular soap star, I never understood why she disappeared from daytime TV and why she was blackballed in the industry… until now. She goes into detail about her firing from Y&R, backstage gossip and stories, her take on the Bell family, her “Welcome to my Home” video, and her nightmare divorces. It’s entertaining, sometimes sad, but inspiring and well-written.

So much has been written and speculated about Ms. Dickson over the years and online. She’s been subject to some harsh criticism and trashed in soap blogs and threads. After reading all that she has been through, including being left homeless and broke more than once, blackballed in Hollywood and even wrongly jailed, her own true story resonates with me, and Brenda emerges as a survivor. This is a must read!


Recent Reviews from Barnes and Noble

  • boomseedaisy Posted April 12, 2013

 A terrific fast read—-sad that any actor, man or woman, has to . . .

A terrific fast read—-sad that any actor, man or woman, has to be sexually abused by the bosses. I admire the courage Brenda Dickson has here in outing the people who “done her wrong”–as well as giving credit to those who loved and enjoyed her. The book is kind of a guidebook to working on Daytime Television. Good, bad, and ugly.

  • Anonymous Posted April 20, 2013

 Brenda Dickson

I always wanted to know more about Ms. Dickson’s life but you get the whole story…She should make a TV made for movies about her book.. These is juicy and spicy and wish her the best…Would love to see her on QVC selling her own designs she a brand like every other star in Hollywood.

Announcement: The Second Edition of “My True Hidden Hollywood Story” is now out in e-book. It has been completely re-edited. And brings us up to present time regarding Ms. Dickson’s situation with the current fraud being created on her life. Ms. Dickson has added more on her relationship with Jeanne Cooper in the early days of the show. As well as going into further detail about her love interests.  Ms. Dickson is finally strong enough to talk about what it was like to be in that third-world like prison for four months and what really went on in Honolulu, Hawaii and what is still going on.

The Tell-All Book

This book tells you what happened to Brenda Dickson’s original Jill Abbott on The Young and the Restless. It takes you through my life in Hollywood from 17 on. It covers my home life with my parents as a young girl, as well as my love affairs with some of the most powerful men in Hollywood. It tells about the Hollywood stars I worked with before The Young and the Restless. The book has over 70 fabulous and stunning Hollywood photographs in brilliant color by Harry Langdon and other top photographers. Including my best selling posters and glamorous, over the top head and fashion shots.  It is also a guide for an actor of how to create a career in Hollywood. Promo pages from My True Hollywood Story by Brenda Dickson   It is about the “Blacklisting” in Hollywood, that I believe was orchestrated by Producer, William J. Bell, and the $11 million fixed trial. How the “Mafia” cartel judges, attorneys were enlisted and laundered $15.5 million of the one-half of my two divorce settlements. How they ruined my multi-million career and left me homeless, TWICE! How I survived it.  They wanted me out of Hollywood as I brought more ratings than the entire show! It covers the “behind the scenes” games the producers created on the set of The Young and the Restless. The set was subjected to Bill Bell’s cunning ego. He kept an actress who came to work drunk, had blackouts, and burst into manic fits of rage. This actor needed help. Bill Bell’s storylines about an alcoholic, who was struggling with an alcohol addiction, were derived from her real life! So real!!! The problem was… it wasn’t acting, and it wasn’t good writing, and, as a result, the ratings dropped lower and lower. This is a shocking story of power, greed, and illegal tactics used to get ownership of the show. How all the actors dealt with it. There were harassment tactics used to drive talented actors out of their roles to make room for “Nepotism City”. How Bill Bell wanted to make my life a real live “soap opera”, even though I left the show. He and his family hung on in fear I’d tell the truth, which now, in this book. Bill Bell’s sexual harassment, and the cunning way he got hold of me at a young age are also in this book. In my memoirs of my life in almost every chapter is the man in my life. My love affairs with Mike Nader, (Dex Dexter on Dynasty or Dimitri Marrick on All My Children). Richard Thomas (The Waltons). Ernest Thompson, we were dating when he wrote On Golden Pond, which he won an Academy Award. The famous upscale clothing retailer, Fredy Segal. Congressman Barry Goldwater, Jr., my first real love. My two ex-husbands, who I believe were directly connected to Bill Bell and his family even after I left the show. How they got their fingers in my divorces to keep me quiet and out of Hollywood.   This story is laugh out loud funny, sexy, hot, and full of drama. For those of you who watch The Young And The Restless, you’ll find how your beloved actors were really treated. They are all in this book, including their on the set love affairs. [Gallery not found] Darl Huff, Island Television News report about Brenda Dickson being unlawfully imprisoned The Bill Bell Hype Train is about to crash, and the truth is about to come out! Fasten your seatbelts, as you ride with me on the “Bell Family Roller Coaster”.


Available Now at AMAZON and Barnes & Noble (Available in hardback and in eBook editions for your Kindle and Nook).